A rollover accident is the most dangerous type of accident in the United States, and account for the highest fatality rate. Every year, there is more than 10,000 people killed in rollover accidents (Rollover.) They are specifically any auto accident where the car rolls onto its side or if it rolls completely over. Many injuries can come from an automobile rollover accident, including spinal injuries, brain injuries, broken bones, bruises, and cuts. In the long run, injuries such as these can affect hearing, speech, eyesight, memory, dental issues, amputations, chronic pain, and even internal injuries.

What To Do First

As soon as you’ve sought medical attention and are in a stable condition, you should call an accident lawyer that specializes in this area. It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but an accident lawyer will be able to assess your situation and find out if there’s the possibility of a lawsuit. Here are some common reasons that rollovers occur that may pave the way to go to court.

Possibility of Liability

• Defective Tire – This could be a product liability lawsuit, and an accident lawyer would likely know or be able to get in touch with an expert in design defects.

• Tripping and Road Hazards – This can happen as a result of the tires, or the road. There may be a possibility for a lawsuit against whoever maintains the road where the accident occurred. Because liability lawsuits regarding premises can be complicated and may involve public roads, it’s important to call a lawyer right away, so that everything is filed in the correct timeframe.

• Negligent Driver – Sometimes another driver is involved, and perhaps their behavior or their handling of the vehicle contributed to their inability to control their vehicle. There’s also driver errors that include distractions, intoxication, lack of experience or fatigue. A lawsuit might be an option if any of these were the reason for the auto accident and the rollover.

Regardless of which situation applies, an accident lawyer would be able to determine who should be sued and then be able to prove that you have a case in court. They will need to show that the injuries sustained are linked directly to the car accident, and that compensation is deserved as a result.

Compensation and the No-Fault States

The idea is to seek out compensation for medical bills, car damage, lost income, physical pain, and psychological pain as a result of the accident. Some states have insurance laws regarding no-fault, which means that the plaintiff may not be reimbursed fully for their claim. California is a tort state when it comes to auto accidents, whereas Massachusetts is a no-fault state.

Other Ways a Lawyer Will Help

The same four elements must be proven to receive compensation. These elements are duty, breach, causation and harm. These are things a lawyer is very knowledgeable about, and an auto accident lawyer, in particular, will know what to look for, the meaning of your medical records, understand the injuries sustained, and then find how these things will affect the quality of life in the future.

Also, a lawyer will know how to contact witnesses, get photos of the accident, damages, and the condition of the road itself to prove fault. Contacting a qualified Los Angeles personal injury attorney accident or personal injury lawyer will ensure that the plaintiff is getting the compensation they deserve, as well as contacting police officers that were at the scene to get their written reports. Their primary goal is to take care of their client and protect them from the possibility of any lawsuit against the plaintiff as well.

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