Whether you are on your motorcycle or driving an SUV and you get hit by a driver making a left turn, the driver making the left turn is almost always the driver at-fault for the accident. In most every accident, the driver making a left-turn is the one to blame, and there are very few instances in which the other driver is faulted for the motorcycle accident. The law is on the side of the other driver in this situation. When a car is making a left-turn, it’s against traffic. This requires numerous laws are in place to protect drivers, and it’s just assumed an accident like is caused by someone making an illegal turn.

Left Turn Accidents

Left turn accidents are complicated, but the blame for them is almost always pinned on the person making the left turn. There are several reasons for this. The law requires all people making a left turn take the time to ensure traffic is not coming, that they have a green light, and that it’s safe to turn. Since most left-hand accidents only occur because someone fails to adhere to the laws, it’s not uncommon for the person making the turn to be the cause of the accident.

If a left turn occurs at a light, it’s not uncommon for the light to have two settings. A green arrow provides the left turn driver the right of way. If the light is green but the arrow is gone, it means the left turn driver has the right to turn, but only if they look to see if there is any traffic coming. If there is traffic, they are required to wait for traffic to pass. Failing to wait for traffic to pass before turning safely means the driver made a mistake and did not adhere to the law.

Exceptions to the Rule

There’s almost always at least one exception to every rule, and this situation is no different. When a driver is making a left turn, there are some instances in which he or she is not to blame. You were on your motorcycle when someone hit you turning left. The accident is going to be your fault if you ran a red light or you were speeding excessively.

To be blamed for this accident, the police who arrive to the scene need to speak to witnesses, they need to view any recordings of the accident, and they must prove you had something to do with the accident. If witness statements concur with the other driver that you were in the wrong, you will be accused of the accident.

Unfortunately for the left turn driver, it’s almost impossible to prove another driver is to blame. It’s almost always the driver making the turn to blame, and finding out otherwise is not easy if there are no witnesses.

What To Do

If you’re the victim of a left-hand accident, you do have rights. It’s within your right to tell your side of the story, to ask that the police reconsider their information, and to hire a personal injury attorney. You will want to be checked out for injuries, even if you don’t see any on your body. Motorcycle riders are more likely to suffer from serious injuries than anyone else, and this means you need to find out if you have any internal injuries to treat them immediately.

Once you seek medical care, it might be worth calling a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident attorney. Even if you have no intention of filing a lawsuit, an attorney knows your rights and can help you understand what you might seek in terms of compensation or damages. At attorney can help you fill out the proper paperwork, negotiate settlements, and advise you which forms to fill out and what to do when the other driver’s insurance company calls you to ask about your claim. A personal injury attorney is on your side, which means you have the right to ask for help when you need it most. You are not obligated to file a lawsuit or even hire the attorney after your initial consultation, but it is helpful.

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