Suffolk County Wrongful Death Lawyers

Seeing legal recourse is rarely the first thought anyone has after losing a loved one. If your loved one was killed because someone else was negligent, it’s imperative you contact a Suffolk County wrongful death attorney to walk you through the legal process and help you figure out the next steps in your life. Losing a loved one as a result of wrongful death is devastating, and many emotions are factored into this kind of grievance. Surviving loved ones are emotionally distraught, and you might not make decisions immediately following the death of someone you love.

Suffolk County residents have two years from the date of a death to file a wrongful death lawsuit. This is the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit in New York, and there are very few exceptions. Once your family has had time to grieve and process what’s happened, make it a priority to call an experienced wrongful death attorney Suffolk County to help you begin the legal proceedings associated with a wrongful death suit.

What is Wrongful Death?

The law defines wrongful death as any death that occurs when someone else is negligent or engages in any illegal misconduct. There are many elements of a case such as this, and it’s important to understand what constitutes a wrongful death.

– Car accidents
– Birth injuries
– Medical malpractice
– Work-related accidents
– Construction site accidents
– Homicide

Any time someone takes it upon themselves to physically injure someone and causes death, it’s wrongful death. This might include a fight, an assault, or even a murder. If someone is driving a car and not abiding by the laws of the road, there’s going to be consequences for those actions. Wrongful death is a death that occurs because of someone else’s negligence, and negligence occurs in many forms.

Damages for Wrongful Death

When wrongful death occurs, the court will consider a number of factors before they make a decision as to the damages surviving family members are issued. Factors include everything from how much money the deceased made at his or her job to help sustain you family, any inheritance your family loses out on as a result of this death, the emotional support and well-being this person provided, the medical bills that were incurred as a result of the injuries the deceased sustained prior to death, and much more.

Deaths that are unexpected have a financial effect on surviving family. Not only are they devastated when their loved one is killed, they’re left responsible for paying medical bills, for figuring out how to make up for a lost income, and their financial future is more than a little uncertain. This information is brought to light in a court of law when determining what a wrongful death suit might entail in terms of damages.

– Loss of companionship
– Loss of income
– Medical expenses
– Loss of inheritance
– Funeral expenses
– Burial expenses
– Pain and suffering

These are all potential damages that a loved one’s family might be awarded when a wrongful death suit is settled. Suffolk County courts may also decide punitive damages are a good course of action in a specific lawsuit. This means the person responsible for the death of your loved one is punished after someone else’s intentional actions resulted in a death. An example of someone who might have to pay punitive damages is someone who gets behind the wheel of a car to drive home knowing they’re too drunk to drive.

How An Attorney Helps

Few people who don’t work in the legal field are aware of how complex New York laws are regarding wrongful death. When you lose someone you love, educating yourself on the law is the last thing you think about. An attorney is going to spend time investigating your case by looking at all the photos of the accident, the witness statements, and any police reports filed. We take that evidence into consideration with medical information about the deceased, and we prove that someone else is to blame for being reckless and/or negligent. We then see you’re awarded the appropriate damages for your injuries. Your financial future shouldn’t suffer.