Suffolk County motorcycle accident lawyers

Motorcycle enthusiasts are at an increased risk of injury compared to other drivers on our roads. A motorcycle rider who gets involved in an auto accident while riding a motorcycle can suffer severe and long-lasting injuries such as back and neck injuries, brain injuries, and even death. Because of the increased risks associated with a bike accident, the operators of other vehicles have a duty to keep safe distances and drive cautiously when in the proximity of a person riding a motorcycle.

In personal injury actions, an experienced attorney can analyze and value your claim. An attorney is trained to review the facts specific to your injury and determine whether the person who caused your injury breached a duty that they owed to you. In the event of a motorcycle accident, a personal injury attorney can determine whether someone else caused your injury and whether that driver breached their duty to drive safely in your proximity.

In any personal injury claim, including an injury that results from an accident involving a motorcycle, an injured victim is entitled to compensation for their injuries. The compensation is to help the injured victim return to their pre-accident place financially. A person who gets injured in a motorcycle crash is entitled to compensation for lost wages and medical expenses. Additionally, the injured victim is entitled to future wage loss and medical expenses. Non-economic damages that are recoverable as a result of a motorcycle crash include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, and loss of consortium, among other damages.

Insurance companies are well aware of the personal injury laws in Suffolk County, and in other areas throughout the country. When the driver who is responsible for causing your injuries notifies their insurance company that they got involved in or caused an accident, that driver’s insurance company will assign a claims representative to handle the matter. The claims representative will likely make contact with you to gather relevant facts and take statements. Claims representatives build their defense early. When they know an accident occurred, they typically send field investigators out to find witnesses and take pictures.

A claims representative is a person trained to quickly value and close cases based on anticipated exposure. Many insurance companies use software to evaluate an early settlement. The quicker that an insurance company can settle your injury claim, the more money they can potentially save. A claims representative’s job is to save the adverse insurance company money by valuing the exposure in a personal injury claim and making a settlement offer, or the claims representative develops facts in a way that allows them to deny the claim.

When you get injured in a motorcycle accident, you do yourself a great disservice by dealing with an insurance company claims representative alone. A qualified and experienced motorcycle accident lawyer knows the laws that govern personal injury actions and the ways to navigate an insurance claim. Furthermore, if your claim gets denied, only a licensed attorney can file a lawsuit to fight for your compensation. Also, only a trained personal injury attorney has the experience and contacts to make sure that your motorcycle accident injuries are properly valued, and that you receive fair and adequate compensation for your injuries.

Contact our law firm, so that an experienced attorney can evaluate your claim. Make sure that you get the protection you deserve and that you get entitled to by law. When you get injured in a motorcycle accident, contact our law firm as soon as possible to make sure you get a knowledgeable attorney in your corner and an attorney who can help you fight the responsible insurance company to make you whole again.