Staten Island School Bus Accident lawyers

Most likely, you are a parent who trusts school bus drivers to use the greatest of care regarding the safety of your children. This is understanding considering one would think that only qualified, trained and responsible people drive school buses. It is also acceptable to expect that buses used to carry children to school are properly maintained on a regular basis.

However, this is not always the case as time after time, children are injured when school personnel fail to follow safety regulation guidelines necessary to prevent a tragic outcome. If you have had the unfortunate experience of sending your child to school and he or she was injured in a school bus accident due to negligence, you can speak with one of our knowledgeable personal injury lawyers.

We will go over all the legal actions at your disposal to file a claim our firm is passionate about fighting on behalf of children in Staten Island who have been injured.

Who is Responsible for the School Bus Accident?

One or more people or entities can be held responsible for a school bus accident. It all depends on the underlying cause and nature of the accident. Considering these factors, the following can be named as a defendant in your personal injury claim:

• Manufacturers of the school bus
• Private companies that the school uses to contract transportation services
• Private schools or other organizations that own and operate the school bus, including churches
• Manufacturers of parts used on the school bus
• Contracted parties responsible for the maintenance and repair of the school bus
• Government agencies responsible for maintaining, designing and construction of roadways
• School bus drivers

Grounds for a Lawsuit

If your child was severely injured on a school bus, you may have grounds for a lawsuit due to any one of the following incidents that led to the accident:

• Brake failure
• Improper or inadequate maintenance and repair of the bus
• Equipment malfunction
• Driver negligence
• Driver failing to follow the rules of the road such as failing to yield, illegal lane change or speeding
• Other actions of reckless driving
• Driver fatigue, being distracted or falling asleep
• Driver operating the bus while under the influence of drugs or alcohol

When a school bus accident occurs from any of the above actions, your child may sustain life-altering injuries. Severe lacerations, head, neck and spine injuries, broken bones, brain damage, burns and many other traumatic injuries are all too common, especially when the driver is traveling at a high rate of speed.

Considering all the evidence, one of our school bus accident lawyers will discuss whether your family may have sufficient grounds for a lawsuit.

Compensation from a Staten Island School Bus Accident

Proving negligence caused the accident and injuries that your child would not have sustained otherwise can lead to compensation. Both economic and noneconomic damages may apply in the final award for things such as:

• Current and future medical expenses
• Therapy and rehabilitation
• Long-term care
• Disability
• Modifications to your home and/or special equipment to accommodate the disability
• Diminished quality of life
• Home healthcare services
• Mental anguish
• Pain and suffering
• Lost earning capacity

In many cases, simply following the rules and regulations for operating school buses and proper maintenance, these types of injuries would not occur. Therefore, it is best to have a legal advocate who will work to ensure that whether it was the driver, school district or equipment manufacturer, someone will be held accountable for what your child and family have to endure.

Get Help from Our Staten Island School Bus Accident Lawyers

If you believe that your child was injured in a school bus accident because of the bus driver, operator or manufacturer’s negligence, you may have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit. Our Staten Island law firm is fully equipped to handle this case for you, ensuring that you and your child’s needs do not get overlooked.

We are too familiar with the financial toll a serious injury can create for families. Our dedicated lawyers will work diligently on your behalf and ensure you receive the compensation needed for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and anything else that has left your family financially vulnerable.

Contact us today so we can file your claim and zealously and tirelessly pursue the responsible party.