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Legal Protection Is Available For Nursing Home Residents
When it comes to regulating nursing homes, the state of New York has laws that go beyond those put in place by the federal government. This is the result of a dedicated effort to end the problem of nursing home neglect and abuse. Any person in New York who has a loved one in a nursing home needs to learn about the laws in place to protect nursing homes residents.

There could be a number of reasons a nursing home resident could experience neglect or abuse. The facility’s staff may not be qualified to perform their assigned tasks or the facility. The nursing home could be understaffed. Background checks may not have been properly performed. Medical equipment maintenance may not be done correctly. The facility may not be properly cleaned. This can result in bruises, cuts as well as bedsores being left untreated. Lice, dirt, and fleas could be in a resident’s room. Damage to a resident’s clothing, personal items and more could occur.

Rights of Nursing Home Residents
The state of New York has put in place a document listing the rights of nursing home residents. It claims individuals living in nursing homes have a right to quality care and not experience discrimination. They have a right to have private communications with their family, friends and medical care providers. A nursing home resident has the right to make their own decisions concerning their personal and medical care. They have the right to be involved with activities provided by any organization they choose. They have a right to have their personal property and money protected from theft, damage and more.

Federal Government Requirements
Should a New York nursing home be receiving federal aid, there are certain standards they must follow. Access to an emergency doctor must be provided 24 hours a day. The clinical records for each resident must be properly maintained and accurate. The nursing home must have assistance devices to help eliminate accidents for residents who have difficulty hearing or seeing. The weight of residents must be maintained at healthy levels including body weight, fluid levels, protein as well as other nutritional health markers. The nursing home must have sufficient staffing as well as pharmaceutical services and more.

Abuse Or Neglect
The majority of cases brought against nursing homes are caused by their inability to provide necessary supportive services as well as health care. These violations can often result in serious physical injury. These injuries can lead to a nursing home resident experiencing an undignified existence. In other cases, there may be no physical injury but emotional damage. A nursing home may have violations that cause their residents to be deprived of general well-being or their right to a dignified life.

Suspected Victims
If someone suspects a loved on in a nursing home facility in New York of being neglected or abused, it’s important to speak out. They are the voice for their loved one, and all concerns need to be communicated. Speaking with a facility director can often improve a situation.

Submitting Complaints
In New York, there is an extensive process in place for dealing with nursing home concerns and complaints. The State of New York provides a Nursing Home Complaint Form that can be completed and submitted online. They also provide a hotline dedicated to nursing home complaints. It’s available 24 hours a day every day of the week. The hotline is 1-888-201-4563. This online complaint system and hotline can be used by loved ones as well as nursing home employees who suspect abuse or neglect of residents. All complaints result in an interview with residents and nursing home owners and managers. Records and other documentation will be reviewed. Action will be taken if the situation requires it. Nursing homes in New York must comply with all state and federal regulations. If not, they can be fined or shut down.

Legal Help
If speaking with a nursing home’s facility director or filing an online complaint does not resolve the issues, or things get worse, it may be time to take legal action. It may be time to speak with an attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable concerning nursing home issues. They will know how to hold accountable those who are responsible for causing any type of harm or injury to a nursing home resident.

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