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Types of Construction Accidents, and How Your Employer Should be Held Responsible for an Injury
On February 7, 2016, The New York Post reported that according to New York’s Department of Building’s records there were 231 construction accidents in 2014 while 2015 saw 433 accidents, which is a significant increase.

While construction workers know they are in a dangerous profession, they expect that their employers will have taken workplace safety seriously. With the record number of increases in construction accidents, it appears that employers are being lapse in their safety procedures. Many of the following accidents can be prevented by using proper safety precautions and measures.

1. Slips and Falls
Whether it’s stray tools laying on the ground or materials that aren’t properly stored, slips and falls are a common cause of accidents on construction sites. They can occur from hazards like uneven ground and holes that don’t have proper signs and warnings.

2. Falls from High Buildings
When working on ladders or scaffolding on windows or roofs, construction workers can fall without the proper security measures. OSHA has requirements that employers have to meet when it comes to working at great heights including personal protective equipment, which can’t be charged to the employee. The employer is required to check the workplace frequently for hazards and also remove damaged or defective safety equipment.

3. Electrocution on Construction Sites
Aside from falls, electrocution is one of the most common accidents on a construction site. Often, the electrical elements are exposed until the entire building is complete. Exposed electricity can lead to shock, burns and fires on the site. Electrocution can lead to a light current through the body to immediate cardiac arrest depending on the level of exposure.

4. Falling Objects
There have been plenty of news reports of falling objects and equipment that has caused serious injury and even death. Items like wood planks, debris, stone blocks and equipment can fall from great heights in a construction zone.

5. Vehicle Accidents
The risk of vehicle accidents is very real at construction sites. Cranes, heavy transport vehicles and earthmoving equipment can fall on top of workers at the site. The equipment can fail to hold onto large construction materials being lifted to the tops of buildings. This is often the cause of serious accidents.

6. Stuck In-Between
Whether it’s debris, tools or heavy machines, a worker can get stuck in-between the machinery and the beams or walls of the building being constructed. In some cases, the worker might have fallen and the equipment pinned them. It can cause serious damage like head injuries, broken bones and crushed organs.

7. Trench Collapse
It’s often necessary to dig trenches on construction sites, but the trench can collapse if not done properly. This causes dirt, equipment and materials to fall in on the worker, which traps them under all the debris.

After being injured on the jobsite, many construction workers are unable to work, this has a very real impact on their ability to make money to help their families. There’s also medical bills that include doctor bills, diagnosing bills from MRIs and CAT scans, physical therapy appointments and the ambulance ride costs from the accident itself.

If the incident is the result of a negligence of an employer, the worker has the ability to ask for compensation. Along with the medical bills and loss of work, the injured worker can sue for pain and suffering due to the employer’s negligence due to not following proper safety protocols.

Contact a lawyer who is well-versed in the statutes regarding accidents on construction sites if you or a loved one has been injured or killed due to an accident that could have been avoided.

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