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Bus accidents are an unfortunate, too-common occurrence in metropolitan areas like Staten Island, where public transportation is often the only choice for commuters. These large vehicles travel at extremely high speeds in a high-speed city. Owing to a number of factors, these vehicles also cause devastating accidents that can leave their victims injured, unable to work, disabled, or even dead. If you or a loved one has recently been the victim of a bus accident, it is important to act now in order to be compensated.

What do I do if I have been involved in a bus accident?

It is imperative that you seek medical attention immediately after a bus accident. Not only is your health in danger, but a medical professional will document and detail exactly the type and severity of injuries you have sustained. These injuries will have to be treated and stabilized, and they will also dictate some part of what kinds of compensation you will be entitled to.

After your medical situation has been dealt with, it is important to get legal advice as soon as possible. Making errors in documenting each and every piece of evidence might affect your ability to pursue a fair amount of compensation. A legal professional will have a time-tested protocol that works and has worked for previous clients. Taking steps toward pursuing a case as soon as possible will maximize the chances that you are compensated for your pain and suffering.

Who is responsible?

Bus accidents are caused by many reasons, but the most common ones involve driver error. Bus drivers are liable for damages when they have been intoxicated, driving without proper licensure, or commit other errors. Unfortunately, these errors can cause major damage to their victims and these victims deserve compensation. In the event of a death, these bus drivers will even be subject to criminal charges.

Outside of driver error, there are often factors caused by bus management companies or manufacturers that contribute to bus accidents. Faulty vehicles that have not been regularly inspected and maintained are a common cause for accidents. Sometimes, these are the result of faulty components. Other times, these components can wear down from years of use and a lack of upkeep. Bus companies are responsible for making sure their buses are safe and do not run into mechanical issues.

What can I be compensated for?

When culpable parties have been identified, they must compensate the victim for injury. Expensive medical bills can pile up quickly for somebody who has suffered from a serious accident, and there may be no end to them. Extended care might be necessary for somebody who has been permanently injured. Home care costs and assisted living facilities should be included in damages that the culpable party is responsible for.

In addition, a loss of wages or the ability to work must be factored into the compensation package. When a victim’s livelihood is taken away, there must be a way for him or her to continue living the life they had, at the same level of quality.

Mental and emotional anguish that may result from the pain and suffering caused by a bus accident must also be accounted for. Recovery is an exhausting process, physically and emotionally.

Do I need legal representation?

Victims of bus accidents are able to pursue damages themselves, but it is a difficult and complex process that involves navigating a specialized legal system. A compassionate, trained professional with experience in personal injury is often necessary to maximize success so that victims can be fairly compensated for their injuries.

When so many parties–often very large bus companies or governmental entities–are involved, it can be intimidating to pursue damages alone. A field guide can ease much of the stress and anxiety involved with legal cases. Taking on a team of expensive lawyers by yourself is not only intimidating, it is inadvisable. Bus companies will often make lowball offers that will not cover all the expenses victims incur from recovering from their accidents.

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