Car accidents can be and typically are an overwhelming experience. It is human nature to start worrying about the financial grief of the situation and push your medical predicaments out of mind. Any time you are in a car accident you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. This does not necessarily mean you should call for an ambulance if you feel fine. However, under these circumstances the way you feel immediately after an accident may not tell all that there is. Symptoms of whiplash and other trauma occurring in car crashes might have latent effects not felt that moment or even that day. Typically this type of soreness, numbness, or dizziness will show the next day or within a week of the car crash. The problem with not seeking medical attention immediately is that it becomes harder to prove that the car crash was the underlying reason for these symptoms. Though it may take all you have to drag yourself to a clinic or the ER while tired, emotionally drained, and possibly covered in bruises, it is in your best interest to do so. Just having the record of your injuries may help in your further claim form the insurance company.
Be sure and take pictures of your injuries in the case that you later have to prove how badly you were injured. Nearly everyone has a camera on his or her phone and photographic evidence can prove a powerful card to play in an insurance claim.

As disastrous as a car accident may feel under normal situations, they can be much worse. In the event you are pregnant do not hesitate to go and get checked out by your doctor immediately for the sake of your baby. A quick check up may really put your mind at ease or save your babies life. There are a few things to look out for that are the serious signs you should rush to a hospital.

Vaginal Bleeding

Blacking Out

Abdominal Pain

No Movement From Fetus



If you have any of these symptoms you should immediately contact your doctor, and call 911.

Another terrifying circumstance is having your child or children with you when in an accident. If your child is in an accident do not hesitate to take them to receive medical attention. Young ones will be less apt to feeling the side effects of a car accident immediately and are not likely to be able to communicate their pain as well as an adult. A few quick tests from the walk in clinic or a visit to their pediatrician will help to ensure their wellbeing and put your mind at ease. If your child is with you at the time of an accident be sure and replace their child safety seat after the fact. For the safety of your child this piece of equipment is no longer useable.

There are underlying side effects cause by car accidents that could cause conditions as sever as death. A sub dermal hematoma for instance, may occur and not present any problems for several days, but if you have hit your head an X-ray may reveal this and save your life. For your safety and the safety of your family please have them cleared by a physician as soon as possible after an accident. This will not only set your mind at ease, but also further enhance your claim should any medical issues arise.

It is understandable that you become overwhelmed after a car accident. We all rely on out transportation and it is a huge matter of stress for that to be even temporarily taken from us. Just remember that the safety of you and your family matters most. Be checked by a healthcare professional. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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