Queens Lyft Car Accident Lawyer
The Lyft app is gaining popularity in Queens since the service was introduced in 2014 because it gives riders an alternative to taxi services. Each driver works as an independent contractor, meaning that the Lyft company does not have to take responsibility for accidents. If you are involved in an accident while riding with a Lyft driver, a personal injury attorney will help you get compensation for related expenses.

Lyft Driver Regulations
Qualifications to become a Lyft driver are far more relaxed than a traditional taxi or limousine service in New York. Drivers are not required to undergo a standard drug screening to begin offering their services, and the company asks that riders take the responsibility to report any suspicious activity. This means that unless a driver is actually reported while intoxicated, there is a risk of getting into the car with someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Vehicle maintenance is completely up to the driver after the initial inspection because the company doesn’t require or cover such responsibilities. It’s unknown if the Lyft company verifies the insurance policy or licensing status of any driver once they are approved to begin working.

Consequences of Lyft Accidents
A limousine or taxi service requires that their drivers have a commercial insurance policy to cover their passengers in the event of a collision. Lyft drivers must have insurance, but the policy on the vehicle may not cover passengers that are paying for a service. It’s also unclear if the liability policy carried by the Lyft company will cover injuries sustained in an accident, but past cases prove that more than likely the company will try to get out of responsibility when possible. Lyft does not consider drivers as technical employees because the purpose of their service is to simply connect drivers to people needing a ride. The ones left to suffer physically and financially in these accidents are the passengers.

Get Help from a Lyft Car Accident Attorney in Queens
You do have a legal right to take action when hurt in the vehicle of a Lyft driver. The severity of an accident can potentially cause permanent injuries or death, and these consequences deserve compensation. Working with an experienced attorney is the best chance you have to get money for your pain, suffering, medical bills, hospitalization, wages lost from time off work, ongoing rehabilitation, or the untimely loss of a family member.