If you have the misfortune of being involved in a car accident, there will be many things swirling through your mind at the same time. It can be rather overwhelming, but there are a few items you can take care of in the immediate aftermath that will help you immensely later on in the process. Of of those items includes taking photographs and video footage of the accident as soon after it occurs as possible.

Evidence Comes in the Form of a Photo

Evidence makes all the difference in most legal matters, and a car accident is no exception. It is critical. Photos form an important piece of evidence, as the scene of the accident will soon be cleared leaving little opportunity to prove your case. As they say, a picture is worth is worth a thousand words. It preserves the scene in a way that no other type of evidence is able to do. This alone makes them one of the most valuable components of your personal injury case, and any photos that you can take and get to your attorney will likely prove to be invaluable.

A photo can accomplish much more than simply showcasing the damage caused to your car after an accident. The right photos can also be used as evidence to demonstrate how the accident occurred in the first place. After an accident, you should try to safely take as many photos as you can from every angle imaginable. If there are skid marks present, take a picture. If it is raining, make sure that shows up in the photos as well. This can demonstrate a driver that tried to break to quickly or did not provide a safe driving distance when on a dangerous road. You do not need to be a legal expert here. Just take the pictures and then let your attorney sort through them at a later date.

The Absence of Photographs

If you do not have photos of the scene of an accident, the insurance company may dispute your own account of the accident. You do not want to depend on the police report, as this can be disputed as well. Photos are simply the best type of evidence that there is to show what happened during an accident. Video footage is great as well because that will allow you to capture the scene more easily in a panoramic fashion.

As you take photos, you will also want to snap a few clips of witnesses and any police officer that responded to the scene. Photos can help you remember things. Remember that you have just gone through a traumatic event, so memories might fade in the immediate aftermath. Since pictures and videos do not lie, this is a great way to ensure that you do not any important details. Do not feel that you need to write everything down, as the camera that most people have on the smartphones today will do the job just fine.

If You Are Injured

There are naturally times when you are simply unable to take photos at the scene of the accident. You might be injured, or you might be tending to the immediate needs of those around you. That is understandable. As soon as you are able to talk, however, you can ask someone nearby if they would be willing to take some photos for you. This will accomplish the same thing and will preserve that important evidence that you can then hand over to an attorney.

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