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NYC ER Negligence Lawyers

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While hospitals have taken specific steps to improve their processes medical malpractice is still a major issue that plagues the healthcare world. Though it is difficult to pin down exact statistics, an estimate from Forbes suggests that nearly 200,000 people die each year from medical errors of some kind. Hospitals in general are home to many forms of negligence, but the emergency room is perhaps especially suited for these kinds of mistakes. The fast-paced nature of the ER puts pressure on doctors, and when pressure is applied, doctors can make mistakes. If you happen to be on the receiving end of one of these preventable errors, you may have a claim. Good ER negligence lawyers can help you sort through what happened and what your next steps might be.

Sustaining the standard of care
Doctors don’t get a pass just because they happen to work in the ER. When the stakes are the highest, medical professionals are expected to be at their best. With this in mind, standards of care play a major role in your experience as a patient and in your experience as a medical malpractice client. Generally speaking, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are expected to perform with a level of professional competence that is typical of their profession. An easier way to understand this is that a doctor is required to treat you with a level of expertise standard for doctors in his area. If a NY doctor fails in this regard, you may have an ER negligence case on your hands.

Common mistakes in the ER
There are many mistakes that can happen in the ER. One of the most common negligent errors is misdiagnosis. Because doctors are working so quickly, they can fail to identify the problem you are experiencing. When this happens and it can be shown that an average doctor would have been expected to identify what was going on with you, you can potentially have a lawsuit to work with.

Other errors can occur while you are in surgery. While it may seem difficult to believe, one of the most common negligent mistakes in the ER is stitching a person up while leaving some kind of medical equipment inside of them. Often, this occurs when nurses or doctors forget to remove a cotton swab that has been put in place to soak up blood or other liquid. In haste or out of carelessness, an ER doctor who makes this mistake could be rung up in a civil lawsuit that helps to pay for the damage to your body.

In some high-profile cases, doctors have operated on the wrong body part. Wrong body part operations are rare, but when they happen, they leave a lasting impression on the patient. This is the classic case of negligence because a doctor can scarcely argue that a doctor of usual experience would have made the same mistake.

Even if your situation does not rise to the level of these clearly negligent acts, you may still be able to file a claim and fight your lawsuit. Given that the standard for ER negligence is a medical professional’s breach of the standard of care of a skilled professional in the field, a number of mistakes could qualify. When you go to the doctor, you should expect to receive the highest levels of care. This applies whether you are working with a diagnostics team that has weeks to determine the problem or whether you’re being rushed into the ER with chest pains. Your doctor does not get a free pass from his or her duty just because they happen to be working in the ER.

What injuries were suffered?
There is another element to ER negligence that you must consider when thinking about whether you have a case. You must have suffered some damage as a result of the error. In most cases of medical negligence, the mistake will cause you pain or some long-term problem. In some cases, though, the error is relatively harmless. If you were administered the wrong medication, you may have a lawsuit if you experienced pain or missed out on the potential for improvement as a result of the mistake. If you can prove no real damage from the incident, though, then you will have a difficult time winning in court.

What can be recovered?
When you are subjected to ER negligence, you have the opportunity to recover significant amounts of money depending upon what costs you have incurred. Good ER negligence lawyers will tell you to save all documentation on medical costs and consequential expenses. The doctor or nurse responsible for your issue will likely be responsible for covering these costs. In many cases, you will work with their insurance provider to reach a settlement that works well for you. This may mean recovering damages not only for your absolute costs, but also for the pain and suffering you experienced as a result of the event.

You won’t be forced to take a settlement, even if people suggest that doing so is in your best interest. Good ER negligence lawyers listen to their clients. They try to figure out the best possible way forward, which might even include going to trial if there is a chance to win and recover a bigger award from a jury. The best lawyers will listen to your concerns and help you plot a course, providing you with insight on whether you have a case and how much you might recover if you actually go to trial. You’ll get advice on whether a settlement is likely to exceed your expected value at trial, but the decision on how to proceed is ultimately in your hands.

ER negligence can be terribly difficult to deal with. You put your trust in doctors who are supposed to take care of you during your most difficult moments. You trust the hospital to ensure your safety and to vet the people who are working on your tired body. When something goes wrong, you shouldn’t have to carry all the costs on your own. You should, instead, be able to recover from those who are responsible for causing your injuries and additional pain. Good ER negligence lawyers in NY are absolutely necessary when you run up against these issues. Good lawyers can open your eyes to a world of possibility and help you see the value in a claim that you might have written off.

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