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NYC Anesthesia Mistakes

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An anesthesia mistakes often occur in the operating room. They may also happen during pre-op, labor and delivery, dental procedures and out-patient surgeries. An anesthesia mistake may cause minor complication, serious injury or even death.

What is Anesthesia?
Anesthesia is a drug administered to reduce or prevent the feeling of sensation or pain during surgery. The drug may be administered injected or inhaled. Anesthesia affects a patient’s nervous system in many way by blocking nerve impulses. There’s three main types of anesthesia:

Local Anesthesia: The drug is only applied on a small part of a patient’s body
Regional Anesthesia: The drug is only administered in a part of a patient’s body to blood sensation. An example of this is a spinal block.

General Anesthesia: The drug causes complete unconscious
Anesthesia mistake may sound innocent. It’s not. This mistake may cause you or a loved one serious injuries. If you or your loved one has been a victim of an anesthesia mistake, contact us. We are experienced in fighting all types of medical malpractice cases, including anesthesia mistakes.

Common Injuries and Complications of Anesthesia
Like any drug, anesthesia has some common risks. These risks have nothing to do with how a medical professional administers anesthesia. They common complications and injuries include:
• Nausea and vomiting
• Post-surgery pain
• Sore throat
• Pneumonia
• Tooth damage if undergoing a dental procedure
• Serious allergic reaction from the drug called anaphylaxis
• Temporary mental confusion
• Brain damage because lack of oxygen
• Blood clots
• Nerve injury
• Heart attack
• Death
• Stroke
• Respiratory difficulties

What Makes a Common Anesthesia Side Effect different from an Anesthesia Mistake?

Common side effects of anesthesia happen regardless of what a medical provider does. It’s like taking a dose of medicine that has side effects. An anesthesia mistake occurs when a medical provider is negligent in doing their job. Their negligence is called a mistake, but it may be a failure to do something or doing the wrong thing. The negligence may then lead to an injury or death.
Anesthesia Mistakes
Anesthesia mistakes is a term encompassing all types of negligent things a medical professional may do that results in harm to a patient. For example, anesthesia awareness is a type of anesthesia mistake. It occurs when a patient receives general anesthesia. They are supposed to be totally unconscious, but they don’t receive enough of the drug. The patient wakes up and becomes fully aware of what’s going on—including feeling every surgical cut.

Other types of anesthesia errors include:
• Failing to monitor how much oxygen a patient receives
• Failing to give a patient proper instructions regarding how to prepare for their surgery. This includes not drinking or eating for a specific time prior to a procedure.
• Failing to property monitor a patient
• Failing to notice any complications a patient develops
• Improperly intubating a patient. This typically happens when a patient has tooth damage because an anesthesiologist intubates wrong.
• Intentionally or accidentally turning off the pulse oximeter alarm. The pulse oximeter measures the oxygen level in a patient’s blood.
• Failing to periodically move a patient. Too much pressure on a specific part of a patient’s body may cause an injury.
• You know your anesthesia injury was more than a common complication from receiving the drug. It was medical malpractice.
Contact us. We represent victims in medical malpractice anesthesia mistake claims. Let us give you the justice you deserve.

Proving Anesthesia Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is the failure of a healthcare professional to provide competent, or standard, mecical care to a patient. The substandard care may deviate from competent care another healthcare professional would have given in the same or similar circumstances. To win a medical malpractice case, an attorney must prove the anesthesia mistake was negligence.
Negligence is the failure of a healthcare provider to exercise the care and skill an average provider would in the same or similar circumstance. That’s why an attorney must compare what a doctor or anesthesiologist did to another provider would do if they were the patient’s medical provider.

In a basic medical malpractice claim, an attorney prove:
• A patient-medical care provider relationship existed between the plaintiff and defendant. This means a plaintiff hired the defendant and the defendant agreed to be hired. By showing the relationship, it proves the defendant had a legal duty to treat the plaintiff without causing additional harm to them.
• The defendant breached the legal duty to do no additional harm. This means the defendant was negligent. They failed to do something or did something wrong. An attorney will hire a medical expert to prove the defendant violated their legal duty by providing incompetent care.
• The defendant’s negligence led to the plaintiff’s injury. Majority of patients needing to undergo anesthesia are already sick or injured. So an attorney must prove the defendant actually caused harm to the plaintiff.
• The plaintiff’s injury caused them to incur damages. Damages are the money amount a plaintiff receives when they win a lawsuit.

In New York, a plaintiff can receive economic damages to cover expenses related to the injury. Theses damages include medical bills and lost wages. Noneconomic damages are also available. They include pain and suffering. Punitive damages are an option. They are generally reserved for punishing the defendant when their actions were done with malice or recklessness.
If you been injured by an anesthesiologist or another medical provider, contact us. New York limits the amount of time you can sue to two years and six months. It’s time to start working on your case right away.

Who can be sued for My Anesthesia Injury or Loved One’s Death?
Typically, an anesthesiologist is may be sued for an anesthesia mistake. Any medical professional who administers anesthesia and makes a mistake can be sued for medical malpractice. Sometimes in a dentist or doctor may be sued if they have administered the medication wrong or made a mistake.

• A hospital can also be sued for the anesthesia mistake made by their staff. A hospital can generally be sued for the anesthesia medical malpractice when:
• The anesthesiologist is a hospital employee
• The negligence occurred because of an anesthesia equipment failure. They hospital may be negligent if it was responsible for repairing or maintain equipment.
• The anesthesiologist is an independent contract. The hospital may be liable for negligently hiring them.

Let Us Get the Money You Deserve
Anesthesia mistakes are complex. You have to know who to sue and how to prove liability. It’s why you need an attorney ready to fight for you. We are your legal advocate. Contact us immediately if you need help with your claim.

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