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NYC Lead Poisoning Lawyers

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All over the country, lead poisoning has become a much bigger issue now than it’s ever been before. The situation in Flint, Michigan, where families have been exposed to lead in their water, has demonstrated for the nation the importance of rights when it comes to lead poisoning. Flint’s not alone among communities facing this same issue. In cities like Baltimore, Detroit and Cleveland, citizens have complained about the effect of lead in their water and in their apartments. While today’s homes are required to have lead-free paint, older apartments were painted in such a way that many children and adults alike suffered significant damage. Those people have rights, and lead poisoning lawyers help them recover.

The effect of lead on the human body
Lead can have a devastating effect on the human body. Some studies suggest that lead is linked to developmental problems in the human brain. Those exposed to lead suffer cognitive deficits and issues with impulse control. In many young people exposed to lead, the pre-frontal cortex does not fully form. This can lead to behavioral problems. In some cases, young people have ended up in the criminal justice system in large part because of the effect of lead on their brains.

Lead has an impact on other parts of the body, too. It can harm the liver and kidneys, which try to work overtime to cure the bloodstream of the effects of lead. It can harm the heart and even the eyes. To suggest that lead is a killer in human beings would be accurate, and those people who have grown up in lead-infested apartments know all too well what happens when people are denied environmental justice.

The duty of cities and private parties
When it comes to lead poisoning, perhaps the most important job of lawyers is to figure out exactly who was to blame for whatever damage occurred. In the case of Flint, it easy to point the finger at the state and local governments. After all, they had allowed the pipes in the city to corrode, leaving people to drink water contaminated with all sorts of bad toxins. Often in cases where people are forced to confront tainted water, the responsible party will be some government entity. It can be challenging to sue the government. Evidence that government leaders knew about potential poisoning and failed to act can be compelling, though, and lead poisoning lawyers can work with you to determine whether you have a claim.

More often, the successful claims for lead poisoning are directed at landlords who fail in their duty to provide a safe and habitable place for their tenants. If you live in an older apartment, your landlord likely has a responsibility to ensure that the space is habitable for you. The law imposes a duty on the landlord to put a fresh coat of paint on the home every so often, especially if there is evidence that the old paint contained lead. There might be other sources of lead in your old apartment on top of just the paint. Landlords have an obligation under the law to behave in the manner of a reasonable person. When they fail in this duty, you may be able to recover under negligence doctrine. There may also be a claim under contract or landlord-tenant law, depending on the situation and how the landlord handled it.

Understanding the value of your claim
Whenever you have been injured by the bad or careless acts of another person or company, you have the right to recover damages. It is critical to note that you do not have to prove that the other party acted intentionally to hurt you. The law imposes on all people the duty to act reasonably in all circumstances, and when a person’s failure to live up to this standard causes an injury to another person, the law allows for recovery. Your claim, then, can be based on any injury or damage incurred because of the negligence of another party.

You may be able to recover your medical expenses if they were related to the lead poisoning. If the case was especially egregious, then you may be in line for punitive damages from the company that owned your property or otherwise contributed to your lead poisoning. While getting a punitive damage award is not easy, it should be the goal of any lawyer who is representing a client who has suffered in a big way from outrageous behavior.

When you speak to a lead poisoning lawyer, you will learn how lawyers value the claims of potential litigants. Lawyers first look at the amount of money you would stand to win if the jury decided in your favor at trial. From there, the lawyer will attempt to put a percentage chance on your win. If you would recover $100,000 in a win and you have a 70-percent chance of winning, for instance, your claim will be worth $70,000 or so. This is an important figure to understand because you may want to discuss a settlement offer with your lawyer and the other party.

Striking a settlement or going to trial
Good lead poisoning lawyers will always be looking to take your case to trial if there is an opportunity. You have the right to a jury trial under the Seventh Amendment of the Constitution, and any lawyer worth their salt will help you take advantage of this right. There may be a case when a settlement offer is just too good to pass up, though. The job of the lawyer is to walk you through the process, explain your options and provide a recommendation on how to proceed. You are the driver of the boat, and you ultimately get to make the decision on what to do. A good lawyer will make sure you have all the knowledge and insight needed to make a great decision.

When you find yourself injured as a result of lead poisoning, you don’t have to face the problem alone. There are lawyers who will fight for you and help you through the otherwise complex litigation process. Lead poisoning can have a dramatic impact on your entire life. You should be willing to pursue your legal rights if a company or municipality put you and your family in danger through an act of brazen neglect or nearly criminal carelessness. Calling a good legal team is the first step to ensuring that you get what you deserve when something like this happens to you.

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