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NYC Catastrophic Injuries Lawyers

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Catastrophic injuries, such as limb amputation, burn injury, brain injury, paralysis, spinal cord injury, quadriplegia, or head injury, pose extraordinary challenges in daily life. If an individual survives the catastrophic injury, he or she lives physical and emotional pain.

The ability to perform simple tasks, like dressing, toileting, and bathing, or communicating with family members and friends, may be significantly more challenging now.

Catastrophic injuries can happen almost anywhere. Car or motorcycle accidents, workplace explosions, construction accidents, a fall, or defective products cause severe injuries. Immediate medical care is the first priority, and accessing sufficient financial resources in the recovery process is essential.

Recovery after Catastrophic Injury

Uncertainty about the future is difficult for the catastrophic injury patient. Although full recovery might not be possible, some healing may occur in time. Most often, the injured individual will require therapy to maximize function and independent living.

Long-term care and job loss can create serious financial pressures for the victim and his or her family. Both past and future costs of managing a long-term disability are one of the reasons to seek legal representation from a successful personal injury law firm.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) report that catastrophic injury can produce both serious financial harm, lost access to medical insurance, extraordinary medical bills, and separation from family and friends.

Permanent disabilities that result from someone else’s negligence are a devastating and serious matter. If you or someone you love has suffered a catastrophic injury in the greater New York and tristate area, it is important to contact an experienced catastrophic injury law firm as soon as possible.

Catastrophic Injury and Illness

In most cases, catastrophic injuries occur without warning. An injury is considered catastrophic when it severely affects the victim’s quality of life. Multiple fractures, neurological disorders, brain injuries, accidental amputations, spinal cord injuries, and severe burns are examples of catastrophic injuries.

NIH researchers say that the shock of catastrophic injury frequently disrupts the victim’s central nervous system (CNS). CNS involvement may affect other systems and processes in the body. For instance, the injured individual may suffer loss of movement, cognitive/communicative abilities, movement, and sensation. A primary injury may affect his or her respiratory, urinary, circulatory, integumentary, and gastrointestinal systems.

Managing a catastrophic injury requires a medical team, including doctors, nurses, counselors, therapists, and consultants. The victim’s long-term requirements differ from individuals who experience less severe, temporary injuries. It is possible for some individuals to recover from catastrophic injuries if early comprehensive medical treatment is provided. However, many individuals hoping to recover from a catastrophic injury suffer reduced life spans and/or permanent disabilities.

Catastrophic Injuries and Negligence

Not all catastrophic injuries result from negligence or the intended action of another person, or as the result of using a defective or dangerous product.

Some catastrophic injuries are not caused by others. In that scenario, the injured person cannot expect to collect compensation from another party.

However, when the actions of others cause serious harm and injury, the victim must pursue a personal injury claim. Significant current and future medical costs are associated with a catastrophic injury. An NIH study found that average medical bills associated with catastrophic injuries are USD 345,000. Obviously, medical costs, recovery, and long-term or permanent disabilities can cost millions of dollars.

If the victim’s ability to earn a living has been impacted by the injury, or he or she faces a lifetime of caregiver costs, it is critically important to engage an experienced catastrophic injury attorney. The experienced personal injury law firm will fight for the victim’s right to financial support in the aftermath of a catastrophic injury.

Because longer-term implications of a catastrophic injury might not immediately surface after the incident, it is also essential to consider the years or decades ahead. For instance, an injured child’s deficits or disabilities may increase over time. He or she might need additional surgery and medical interventions as a result of the original catastrophic injury. For instance, a burn victim may be required to undergo multiple reconstructive surgeries in the years ahead.

A catastrophic injury lawyer presents the long-term implications of clients’ injuries. In this way, the victim’s likelihood of receiving sufficient financial resources and compensation for future needs is maximized.

Catastrophic Injury and Compensation

Medical care required to treat the catastrophic injury victim is usually quite expensive. If the individual’s employer insurance and his or her own financial resources are insufficient to cover the cost of treatment, it is frequently necessary for the individual to apply for state or government assistance and/or alternative compensation.

Unfortunately, most injured individuals and their families cannot pay the bills on public assistance or short-term disability payments available to New York workers. It is important to note that New York state does not cover the disabled individual’s medical costs.

For example, if the victim was injured in an auto accident and the negligent driver carried minimum car insurance (or no insurance all), he or she be limited to the amount of uninsured or underinsurance motorist benefits on a personal auto insurance policy. Typically, the amount of coverage available is much less than the cost of medical bills and total losses sustained.

An experienced personal injury law firm can help. The catastrophic injury lawyer will evaluate each possible recovery source in the personal injury claim. Without an experienced personal injury attorney, the victim bears a high statistical likelihood of inadequate compensation for serious catastrophic injuries.

Now consider the following catastrophic injury scenarios.

Catastrophic Injury: Burns

Imagine a serious two-car crash. Both cars are burned beyond recognition: both car drivers suffer burns +75 percent over their bodies:

• An inexperienced personal injury attorney might conclude that both/either driver is maximally entitled to auto insurance coverage.
• The experienced personal injury law firm has facts and resources to investigate. The law firm will look for particular vehicle defects, highway or surface defects, additional insurance or assets of the responsible party or parties.
• In some cases, both drivers may be considered partially at fault for the accident. In others, police officers at the accident scene will determine only one party is at fault.

An experienced catastrophic injury attorney has resources to identify the facts of the case. In doing so, the personal injury law firm can deliver consistently better resources and greater recoveries for their clients.

Catastrophic Injury: Brain Injury

Workplace accidents, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, and sports-related traumas are just some of the types of events that result in brain injuries.

Let’s imagine a worker is painting when the platform holding him gives way. He suffers a violent fall and sustains a closed-head injury:

• An inexperienced attorney might view this scenario as a potential workers’ comp claim.
• This is likely to limit the amount the victim can recover from the employer.
• If the injured worker cannot file a lawsuit against the employer because he receives workers’ compensation benefits, his defense cannot consider a full range of theory concerning liability.

An experienced personal injury lawyer evaluates the accident scene. The lawyer will ask: 1) Were there multiple contractors at the site? What parts of the project did each manage? 2) Who was responsible for the installation and maintenance of the platform? 3) Did the emergency technician provide proper medical care?

The catastrophic injury attorney reviews the facts of the case by interviewing witnesses and reviewing all available records.

Catastrophic Injury: Childhood Fracture

A bone fracture in childhood can affect the victim’s growth plates and later require difficult stretching procedures after the original fracture has healed.
The child may suffer permanent impairment or normal use of an arm/s or leg/s.

Although the experienced personal injury attorney cannot predict the future, it is essential to consider future outcomes in the present case. An experienced catastrophic injury law firm anticipates a range of future problems to ensure that the child and his or her family receive financial protection.

Contact an Experienced Catastrophic Injury Law Firm

If someone close to you has suffered a catastrophic injury, act quickly. An experienced personal injury attorney must investigate the accident and investigate witnesses as soon as possible.

Our injury law firm will initiate an investigation after gathering as much information as possible. We have the resources you need to investigate the case and engage expert witnesses. Although not all catastrophic injury cases go to trial, we thoroughly prepare for court. Contact us now for a no-cost consultation.


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