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Whiplash Injury Lawyers

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After being involved in a car accident caused by another driver’s negligence, it’s natural to feel a odd mix of anger and gratitude for being alive. Even if the impact of a rear end collision wasn’t devastating, the sudden shock, inconvenience, and largely avoidable nature of the accident can all be immensely frustrating.

According to statistics reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rear end collisions are the most frequently occurring type of accident in the nation.

Out of 6 million annual accidents happening every year, rear end collisions constitute over 2.5 million of the collisions, equaling approximately 40 percent of the grand total.

Though far from from being the most fatal of all the different types of auto collisions there are, a rear end collision can be much more problematic than just an unexpected and frustrating waste of time.

The hidden danger of rear end collisions

Rear end collisions rarely happen at top speed, but experts have stated that the speed of a rear end collision is oftentimes not among the main factors in the danger that it presents.

The most immediately dangerous aspect of a rear end collision is the shock of unexpected impact, leaving your body with no time to properly brace itself for the violent rocking of your vehicle.

The sensitive muscles of your neck, which aren’t tensed in anticipation for the imminent impact of the negligent driver behind you, are suddenly thrown into disarray at the moment of the crash.

Because your neck muscles receive no signal from any afferent neurons to contract before the car behind you strikes without warning, it will be forcibly bent back by an unnatural degree before swiftly snapping back forward. Even if your neck isn’t outright broken by the sudden over-extension, it can still result in tissue ruptures.

The structural damage to posterior neck tissue from a rear end collision doesn’t usually cause immediate and excruciating agony, and in some cases, an adrenaline spike from the incident may make the driver unconsciously disregard their physical pain.

Delayed whiplash symptoms

The absence of immediate discomfort in the back of the neck after being violently throttled by a rear end collision is not a sign of no harm done. The most serious consequences usually don’t manifest until a some time has passed following the accident.

As much as week or more may pass after the rear collision before things begin to feel “off” in your neck. Though you may not have been consciously aware of the accident’s damage to tissue in your upper trapezius, a commonly underactive muscle without much tensile strength, you might begin to feel an strange burning sensation or sudden stabs of sharp pain.

In addition to the seemingly random onset of pain in the back of the neck, you might also begin to experience any one or more of these symptoms days after the rear end collision:

  • Worsening stiffness that greatly reduces your neck’s usual range of motion
  • Spontaneous headaches
  • Pain that feels as though it’s “trickling down” to your shoulder and upper back muscles
  • Experiencing unusual difficulty with memorizing small things, concentrating on immediate tasks, planning upcoming events, or performing relatively simple logical tasks
  • Periods of foggy vision

These symptoms and many others like them are all strong signs of of whiplash, directly caused by the neck’s overextension from a rear end collision more than several days prior.

The delayed onset of whiplash symptoms are oftentimes the most serious threat that rear end collisions pose to you. Though you may not have immediately experienced symptoms at the moment of the crash, whiplash technically occurs at the very moment that the neck “lashes” back and forth at an unnatural velocity.

Unfortunately, if a person experiencing the delayed onset of whiplash symptoms failed to record every important detail of the crash that caused it, then they may not be able to hold the negligent driver accountable.

Long-term whiplash effects and treatment

If left untreated, structural damage to rear neck tissue could fail to heal properly or even worsen with time. Exacerbation of whip lash damage can lead to a permanent loss of full neck mobility and chronic pain that lasts a lifetime. Slightly worsened vision and slower mental processing power may never fully return to normal levels.

A medical examination for whiplash should be arranged as soon as possible after a rear end collision. Though many with whiplash tend to wait until it becomes symptomatic to get professional care, that is far from the ideal point in time. The more proactive the care, the better a chance the neck has to heal properly.

File a personal injury claim for the compensation that you deserve

Immediately seeking medical attention for whiplash after a rear end collision is not only advisable in terms of your physical well-being, but also from a legal standpoint.

If your medical care provider determines that the rear end collision did in fact cause whiplash, then you’ll need to have accurate records of your medical evaluation in order to file your claim against the at-fault driver responsible for it.

You should be just as proactive in filing a claim as you are in seeking medical attention immediately after the crash. The closer in time to the incident that you file a personal injury claim, the stronger of case you’ll have in proving a direct causal link between the at-fault driver’s negligence and your suffering.

In addition to your medical evaluation records and your medical care provider’s signed attestation, be sure to prepare an organized document with as many details about the accident as possible. Preserve as much evidence as you can. Even specific times of day should be included in your report if you remember them.

The closer to the day of the accident that you record the details about it, the less likely you will be to forget any information that might be important for building your case. You certainly wouldn’t want to have a harder time recalling details about your car accident due to waiting until the whiplash becomes symptomatic.

After you’ve put together all of the relevant information that you can, contact a personal injury lawyer to get your case underway.

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