Being in an accident is scary, and there are some decisions to be made if you’re injured as a result. Amputation injuries are surprisingly not uncommon in the United States, with an estimated 3 million victims already. Every year, that number increases to about 150,000 people (Amputation Injuries: Overview.) If you’re in an accident that causes you to become one of these victims, do you need a lawyer?

There are some complications that arise from amputations, and an attorney that specializes in amputation injuries will be able to get you the money and help you deserve. Why a specialized lawyer? A lawyer that has experience in this area will be able to prove your case. They will understand the medical complications, can go through the details of what happened and find precedent, and also provide medical illustrations or physicians that can support your case. They’ll have the contacts to help you win your best case and will be familiar with these kinds of injuries.

Why Not Go Through My Insurance Company Instead?

Insurance companies have their incentives because money is involved. They want to keep their expenses low, whereas a lawyer’s priority is their client. The problem with insurance companies is that they have policies for settlements that encourage the adjusters they work with to offer smaller, quicker payments. These payments might look good to you when you need money fast for medical bills, but it’s not necessarily all you deserve. Sometimes, insurance companies will pretend to be a friend or concerned family member from the opposing side to make settling to seem more morally appealing.

What Can a Lawyer Offer?

A lawyer that specializes in amputation cases will understand the various complications that can come about, including infections, stiffness, healing time and chronic neuroma pain (constant pain in the amputation area).

As a victim, you deserve more than just compensation for medical bills. Compensation for loss of limbs can include medical reimbursement, medical care required after the injury, compensation for pain and suffering, and reimbursement for loss of work income before and after the injury. You also deserve to have any prosthetics or physical therapy covered.

Lastly, a lawyer who specializes in injuries can offer a legal point of view on every detail that occurred the day of the accident. They can also help with:

Building a Strong Case – A lawyer will analyze the facts of the case and put them to your advantage. They will look over medical records, accident reports, and the prognosis for your condition.

Critical Decisions – A lawyer will help you make important decisions with the information you might not have had before. They know all about workers compensation, how long it takes to get it, and what the requirements are. They’ll help you decide if you want weekly payments or a lump sum, or even if you want to file for total disability.

The Importance of a Compassionate Lawyer

It is important that you hire a lawyer. They will fight for your rights and compensation, as well as give you support and truly be on your side. Someone needs to be your representative. You need an advocate who’s primary concern is your health and well-being, and that is what a lawyer provides. Lawyers also are transparent with their dealings and what they think you are going to receive. Unlike insurance agents, they are held to a high standard of moral ethics that is put out by the American Bar Association. You can relax knowing that a lawyer is fighting for you, and not for your money.

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