Nassau County School Bus Accident lawyers

On a daily basis, it is estimated that more than 20 million children ride a bus to school in the US. The National Data shows that 17, 000 children are rushed to the emergency rooms due to school bus related accidents. These accidents mainly occur when children are either boarding or alighting from school buses. Despite the fact that school buses are the safest way for children to ride to school, you cannot rule out the possibility of accidents. These accidents go beyond crashes. They also include slips and falls and other injuries that occur when children are exiting or boarding a school bus. If your child has been involved in a bus related accident, it is wise to seek the legal advice of Nassau County School Bus Accident lawyers.

Do I need a Nassau County school bus accident lawyers?

School bus accidents may look straight forward, but proving negligence is a complicated process. Again, there is the possibility that your child has suffered a life-altering injury. Accidents may also involve multiple victims. In light of this, you need an attorney who will investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding the case. This is in a bid to establish who is at fault.

There are many factors surrounding school bus accidents. Buses that are poorly designed and not well maintained can contribute to an injury. If for instance, the school bus belongs to a public school, then the liability could fall on a government entity. This particular circumstance introduces a new set of rules. There is also a time frame in which you are expected to file a notice that you intend to sue.

As evidenced, suing is an intricate process that you cannot properly handle on your own. The good thing is that you do not have to. An experienced attorney can handle the process as you concentrate on being there for your child as they recover. These attorneys will work to ensure that you get fair compensation for injuries and any foreseeable implication of the injury.

Proving liability

Several people or entities can be held liable in a school bus accident, among them:

• School bus driver
• Driver of another car
• Private school
• School district
• Parts manufacturer
• Private company that may have been contracted to provide transport services
• Repair company that handles maintenance of the bus
• School bus manufacturer
• A government entity that is responsible for roadway maintenance, design or construction.

In some case, two or more parties can he held liable for the accident. The Nassau County School Bus Accident lawyer, therefore, has a hard task in proving negligence and liability. Given that many parties are involved, the case can get very complicated. As such, you need an experienced and aggressive attorney who can secure you compensation in the shortest time possible.

Compensation in accident lawsuits

When your child has suffered injury in a school bus, you can get compensation both for non-economic and economic damages, some of these include:

• Long-term care
• Rehabilitation and therapy
• Medical expenses
• Future medical expenses
• Disfigurement
• Home health care
• Mental anguish
• Future lost income
• Disability
• Diminished quality of life
• Home modifications such as specialized equipment
• Lost earning capacity
• Physical pain and suffering
• Lack of enjoyment of life.

Expert witnesses are needed for these damages to be awarded. Accident attorneys need to obtain medical reports and evidence and demonstrate to the court how the injury has affected and will affect the child. Remember that the parties responsible will also strive to put up a strong defense. In most cases, these cases are settled out of court. In such an instance, you need an attorney who is an expert negotiator. This is to help you secure fair compensation. Should the case go to trial, you need a lawyer who has trial experience. Accident attorneys have vast experience. They have also dealt with insurance adjusters before and will not be intimated.

The experience of Nassau County School Bus Accident lawyers can work in your favor to secure your child fair compensation for their injuries.