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Misc Injury Issues You Must Know About

Immediately proceeding an auto accident many seek justice. They want to petition the court to receive some type of compensation for their injuries along with their pain and suffering. The courts will hear these cases and award judgements if it does appear that the person who brings the case forward did in fact suffer as a result of negligence by another party. However, there are common things that some people do which ruin their chances at winning their case at all.

Speaking With The Insurance Company

Do not speak to the insurance company except through your lawyer. It is a mistake to give them any information. If they need to know something about your case, they can obtain that information from your lawyer or from the official police reports. An insurance company asking you questions is a major red flag. It just means that they are attempting to glean information from you to use against you in court. If you speak too freely, you could ruin the chances you had at taking your case to court and winning.

Surveillance Cameras

One of the quirks of modern society is that we have cameras practically everywhere. It is very difficult to go anywhere in public and not be recorded. In fact, it is not all that uncommon to be recorded by multiple cameras all at the same time!

A lot of states and cities have stepped up their surveillance of traffic conditions on their roads in recent years. They have put extra money into their budgets to monitor these things because of the amount of information that one can find on those cameras. It is a great way for the state to monitor traffic and accidents, but it could cost you the personal injury case. You ought to give the details of your accident to your NYC personal injury attorney exactly how they happened and not try to make anything up. If you try to exaggerate things or make elements of the story up, the surveillance cameras may well tell a different story.

Social Media

Spodek Law Group recommends you avoid using social media too much following a personal injury situation, particularly if the public can see what you post. Insurance companies and defense lawyers are more than happy to go through your social media feeds to find things to use as evidence against you. It is even possible for them to pervert what you have said to fit their agenda.

Social media is very fun and some might even say that it is a bit addictive, but you might want to keep yourself off of it while you are working through your personal injury case. There are simply too many things that could potentially go wrong with your case if you put a lot of information out there. People will use it for whatever purposes they have in mind. Talk to your NYC personal injury lawyer about how to hide some of the information you have out on the Internet.

Signing Away Your Rights

Always go to an NYC personal injury lawyer before you sign anything. Insurance companies will make a hard sell to you that you should sign this form or that. They will want you to give away the case before you have ever had the opportunity to make it. That is because it saves them a lot of money to avoid court. Do not fall for this petty trick. You have ever right in the world to pursue this case.

Your NYC personal injury attorney should be the only person who advises you to sign anything. You should only sign forms with his or her express permission. If you do not follow this instruction, you could end up with no case to make in court at all.

These are a few of the ways that people ruin personal injury lawsuits for themselves. Avoid these common traps for the best results.

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