Manhattan School Bus Accident lawyers

Each school day buses in New York City transport thousands of children from their home to school and back again without incident. Parents feel comfortable letting their children be picked up at the bus stop and then meet them at the bus stop at a specified time after school. They trust all necessary precautions are being taken to make certain their children are safe. School bus accidents do happen. It could be the fault of the bus driver, another vehicle or a traffic situation. It could also result from an unfortunate incident. This is a situation where parents will deserve compensation for the injuries experienced by their children.

School Bus Injuries
According to statistics provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 3.9 million school students experience an injury at school. Most of these injuries require medical attention, and others are severe enough to be disabling. It has been estimated that a fourth of all injuries that happen to adolescents and children involve them being transported to and from school. Over 29 children die from injuries they receive from accidents involving school buses. More than 4,450 students experience injuries. Most of these accidents do not happen when the students are riding in the bus. The majority of deaths and accidents occur when students are walking toward the bus as well as getting on or off of it.

Accident Causes
It is possible in some cases the school bus driver behaved recklessly or was negligent when driving the bus. They could have failed to properly position the bus in a location that was safe for loading and unloading students. It’s also possible they did not properly supervise the children who were riding on the bus. There are also many bus companies that attempt to lower their operating costs by cutting corners. This often results in them ignoring certain school bus safety measures. The school buses may not be properly maintained. There are quite a few vehicles on the road during the time children are being transported to and from school. Collisions resulting from the negligence of other drivers is also common. This type of accident can happen even when the bus driver and bus company do everything right.

When a student is involved in a school bus accident, there are a number of injuries they could experience. Some could be minor, and others could be critical. It’s also possible for injuries to be fatal. All of the injuries may qualify for legal compensation. Students could experience broken bones, dislocations, back injuries, brain trauma as well as emotional injuries and more. In these situations, children have the same rights under the law as adults. The big difference is a child who is under the age of 18 isn’t permitted to bring a claim against anyone on their own. An adult must do it on their behalf. This is usually a parent but could also be a legal guardian. Any compensation a child receives should be placed in a trust until the child reaches the age of 18. This does not include any amount of an award that is used to pay medical expenses, costs incurred by the parents or legal fees.

Medical Care
When a child sustains any type of injury involving a school bus, it is essential they be examined by a physician as soon as possible. Injuries may not be apparent immediately after an accident. It may still have damaging consequences if not addressed quickly. This will also provide a detailed medical report of a child’s injuries. This medical report can be used when submitting an insurance claim or in a court case.

Each situation where children are injured from riding in a school bus could result in a variety of claims against multiple parties. When this is the situation, it could be very complicated. When a school bus driver crashes a bus and injuries occur, there could be claims against the driver, bus company, school district and anyone who was responsible for such negligent hiring. This is a situation that will require the knowledge and experience of a legal professional. They will know how to properly investigate the accident. An experienced attorney will know how to determine which party is responsible for an accident. They will know how to properly file a claim against all responsible parties.