Manhattan Dog Bites Lawyers

Dogs are man’s best friend, but they’re also animals that cannot always control their behavior. As beloved as dogs are, there are approximately 4 million reported dog bite cases in the United States on an annual basis. Most of these bites occurs to children, and many of them result in wrongful death when a dog bites. Approximately 79 percent of fatal dog bite victims are children. Contacting an experienced Manhattan dog bite attorney is imperative if you or someone you love has been attacked and bitten by a dog in the city.

Certain dog breeds are labeled as dangerous breeds, but they’re not the only breeds that bite. Any dog, big or small, can bite a child or adult when it’s provoked, when it’s playing, or when it’s afraid. The most dangerous breeds typically include, but are not limited to, the following dog breeds:

– Pit bulls
– Rottweilers
– Doberman pinschers
– Chows
– Akitas

Don’t be fooled by any dog, whether it’s big, small, or it seems friendly. All dogs are dangerous if a child is too close to the dog, plays too aggressively, or hugs the dog in the wrong place. Dogs are lovable creatures, but they’re still animals. If you or someone you loved is bitten by a dog listed above or not, call an attorney right away.

Dog Bites in New York

Animal laws in New York are complex, and they’re considered mixed. The law makes it clear that dogs that only bite one time are treated with a limited degree of liability. What this means is that dog’s owner is only responsible for paying the fees associated with any medical fees or vet fees if the dog bites another animal.

To ensure a dog owner is considered liable for more pain and suffering, loss of wages, funeral expenses, or any other fees associated with the dog bite attack, the victim must prove the dog possessed a dangerous tendency to bite as well as prove the dog’s owner is aware of the dog’s dangerous personality. This is why hiring an experienced dog bite attorney is crucial.

Dog owners can be charged with a misdemeanor that results in fines and/or jail time. If a dog is declared dangerous and goes on to kill someone, the dog’s owner can face a Class A misdemeanor for the dog’s behavior. An attorney must work to prove the dog was dangerous, it had a tendency to bite or attack, and that the owner was perfectly aware of it. New York does not automatically claim dog owners as negligent if their dog is able to attack someone who is lawfully on their property, but this can be proven through an investigation into the dog and his owners.

There’s another law that might hold landlords accountable for the actions of a vicious dog if our firm can prove the landlord was aware of the dog’s presence in his or her dwelling in conjunction with the dog’s dangerous and vicious nature.

Dog Bite Attorneys Work for You

Following a dog bite, the victim or their family is confused, unsure what to do next, and shocked. All of these are natural reactions to a horrible situation, but an attorney can help walk you through the process and what happens next. Victims are not always able to get up and walk away from a dog bite without injury. Some of the most common injuries associated with dog bites include:

– Physical scars
– Disfigurement
– Mental and emotional scars
– Broken bones
– Lacerations
– Stitches
– Infection

If you or someone you love is bitten by a dog and requires medical assistance for a serious injury, consult with a dog bite attorney as soon as possible. New York personal injury attorneys help the victims of dog bites find the compensation you deserve to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Not all dog bite injuries are easy to recover from, and many require extensive medical treatment that takes months or years. It’s not always affordable for victims to pay for the treatment they need, which is why legal action is for you following a dog bite.