Manhattan Bicycle Accident Lawyers

The laws covering bicycle riders in New York can be confusing. The state has its laws, but cities and counties may add upon those with their own bicycle laws. Many of these laws have confused bicycle riders as well as the members of law enforcement. In New York each year there are still thousands of bicyclists who are injured. Many accidents involving bicyclists are fatalities.

Helmet laws
In the state of New York, any bicyclist who is less than 14 years of age must wear a safety certified bicycle helmet. This also applies to any of their passengers. Children under the age of four must wear a certified bicycle helmet. They must also ride in a specially designated child safety seat. Any child less than a year old can not be legally transported using a bicycle. Should a parent or guardian permit such a violation, they could be fined up to $50.00.

Bicycle Equipment
A bicycle in New York is legally required to have a brake system that enables it to skid on pavement that is dry and level. A bicycle must also have a device such as a bell, horn or other that emits a sound able to be heard from a distance of 100 feet away. A whistle or siren is not legal. A bicycle must have a white front headlight that can be seen for 500 feet. This applies when a cyclist operates their bicycle between half an hour after sunset and half an hour prior to sunrise. A red taillight must also be part of the bicycle and able to be viewed from 300 feet away. All bicycle lights must be able to be seen for 200 feet on each side.

Same Rights
It is important for people to realize a person on a bicycle has the same rights as well as responsibilities as a person operating a motor vehicle. A driver is expected to use due care when it comes to avoiding their vehicle colliding with a bicycle rider. It is recommended any individual driving a vehicle to make scanning for bicyclists part of their driving habit. They need to give a person riding a bicycle sufficient clearance when they are trying to pass them. A bicyclist should also be given the right-of-way when necessary.

Bicycle Accidents
There are many things in New York that can result in a bicycle accident. The important thing is to determine the cause. This information will influence the legal process that occurs after an accident. A person may believe they know what caused their bicycle accident; a legal investigation can prove they’re right. It will also provide vital evidence should a case go to trial.

Negligent Drivers
There are many accidents with bicyclists that involve negligent drivers. They may collide with a person riding a bicycle because of distracted driving and more. These drivers cause dangerous situations that increase the risk of collisions. This could involve the driver failing to yield to bicycle rider’s right-of-way, speeding, not signaling before turning. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and more. Breaking the rules of the road in many different ways can lead to a bicycle rider getting injured or killed.

When a bicyclist is injured or experiences property damage from an accident, they may be entitled to fair compensation. It is important that bicycle riders know what can be covered. A bicyclist may be entitled to compensation for rehabilitation, pain and suffering as well as property damage and more. Everything from their hospital stay to lost wages from not being able to work, medical procedures to treat injuries, medication, and other items could all be compensated.

Legal Professionals
There are many hazards that bicyclists face when they ride in New York City. It is a crowded place with busy streets. Even when a bicyclist has all of the proper safety equipment and follows all of the laws; they could still have an accident. The consequences can be catastrophic. It can result in everything from broken bones to spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries as well as death. When this happens, it is time to contact a legal professional. Speaking with an attorney who has experience in handling cases involving bicycle accidents is important. They will know how to get fair compensation and the best possible result.