manhattan slip and fall accident lawyers

When someone enters private or public property, they enter with the belief they are going to be safe and sound walking around. They assume the ground is even, the floors nice and dry, and that the business or homeowner has done their job to ensure no ice, broken stairs, or other hazards will put their lives at risk. It’s called reasonable care, and it’s required by law in Manhattan for all business and homeowners. The duty of each property owner is to care for anyone who might come onto their property with reasonable care, and a breach of care can result in a financially devastating lawsuit.

Slip and fall accidents happen every day in Manhattan. Most of them aren’t dangerous enough to cause serious injury to the party who falls, and many of them are self-inflicted. There are your self-proclaimed clumsy people, kids who can’t keep their shoelaces tied, and those who struggle to walk in shoes with heels. These people slip and fall all the time through no one’s fault but their own. Then there are the people walking through Manhattan who fall on uneven sidewalks, down a flight of stairs in which a stair is broken, or on a patch of ice that they didn’t see coming on someone’s personal or business property.

If there is no sign warning of the hazards that lie ahead, home and business owners become liable for the damages caused by this type of slip and fall accident. It’s usually the very ill and fragile, and the elderly who suffer the most serious injuries during a slip and fall accident, and it can change their lives. If you or a loved one are injured as a result of a slip and a fall accident, call an experienced Manhattan slip and fall attorney to see what legal recourse is available.

How Attorneys Help

The law surrounding slip and fall accidents and personal injury lawsuits is complex in New York, and an attorney can help you navigate these muddy waters. You have only three years from the date of the accident to file a claim against someone for causing your slip and fall accident. You must also prove the home or business owner is at fault due to a breach of care. It must be proven that the owner of the property knew of the dangers but failed to make sure they were handled correctly to keep others safe, and our job is to prove that their breach of duty of care directly resulted in your injuries.

Damages from Slip and Fall Accidents

When a slip and fall occurs, many people are injured severely. There are many financial considerations to make following this event, and many families are devastated by the financial cost to them. From medical bills to long-term care for those who are seriously injured, a slip and fall accident can leave a person out of work and out of money to handle all the bills that continue to pile up.

– Medical expenses
– Lost wages
– Long-term health care
– Pain and suffering
– Death

The court will take into account the person who is injured and what they bring to the table in terms of finances. Any medical expenses a victim incurs as a result of this accident are always considered for damages. If a victim is suffering from a life-changing injury, the cost of future medical bills to handle this newly formed condition is also taken into consideration as well as the money lost when a victim can no longer work. If a victim dies as a result of their injuries, the court will consider offering their surviving family damages to help with the loss of income as well as the loss of companionship they now suffer from.

Don’t wait to call an experienced Manhattan slip and fall attorney. Your financial future depends on the damages awarded after it’s found someone else caused your fall. Let us help you help your own family by calling as soon as possible once the shock of the situation has worn off. You’re working with a statute of limitations that passes far more quickly than many victims realize.