Long Island Wrongful Death Lawyers

The loss of a loved one is among the most difficult events anyone will face. When a loved one is killed in an accident or other unexpected occurrence, it’s even more shocking to loved ones than someone who passes after suffering from a terminal illness or living a long, happy life. Wrongful death is a problem in the United States, and someone is responsible for deaths of this nature. If someone you loved is a victim of wrongful death, let an experienced Long Island wrongful death attorney help you seek the damages you’re owed following an accident of this nature.

What is Wrongful Death?

When someone dies because someone else is negligent, it’s called wrongful death. There are dozens upon dozens of examples of wrongful death in the United States, but some of the most common include:

– Nursing home abuse
– Auto accidents
– Work-related injuries
– Defective products
– Medical malpractice
– Personal injuries

If a loved one is killed in an accident that should have been avoidable if the person at-fault provided reasonable care or performed their duties with reasonable care, your family is entitled to compensation to handle the loss of their loved one.

When wrongful death occurs, surviving family members experience shock. It’s not uncommon, and it’s not wrong. The news is shocking, and what happens next is so distracting and so overwhelming to surviving family that they usually don’t think to call an attorney to discuss their case.

Wrongful Death Laws

New York law states the surviving family of a wrongful death victim are only allowed two years from the date of death to open an investigation into wrongful death. This statute of limitations is imperative, because many family members are unwilling to go through the prolonged process of wrongful death lawsuits. It’s a draining time both physically and emotionally, and many family members would rather get back to their regular schedule and life to begin the grieving process. Family is hesitant to relive the death of a loved one throughout the process of a lawsuit, but there is a time limit in New York.

Another law dictates who may file a wrongful death suit. In New York, it’s limited to immediate family members. This might be a spouse, a parent, a child, or a legal guardian of the person who is killed. Minors will not be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit with the help of an adult, and that adult is usually required to be the child’s legal guardian.

Damages from a Wrongful Death Suit

– Medical bills
– Funeral expenses
– Burial costs
– Pain and suffering
– Loss of inheritance
– Loss of wages
– Loss of care
– Loss of protection
– Loss of support
– Loss of companionship

These are the most common damages awarded to the family members of wrongful death victims. When someone else’s negligence causes someone to die, the victim’s family is left with a loss that’s so much more than just a family member. They’re left without one income if the deceased worked. They’re left without the companion they loved, the parent they once had, and they are handed funeral and medical bills that are often too expensive to pay.

Call an experienced wrongful death attorney in Long Island to find out what happens next. Your time is precious, and this is a difficult time in your life. Allowing an experienced attorney to help you through the grieving process by helping alleviate your newfound financial strain can help you recover faster, and it can help your emotional health.