This article was contributed by Jim Ingolia, a NYC personal injury lawyer. Filing an insurance claim can feel overwhelming, frustrating, and down right scary. When you are already in pain you may feel that being examined by the insurance companies doctor is over kill but for the most part it is their right. There are a few things you should be aware of when faced with this circumstance and understand going in to a medical examination of this type.

If you were injured in a personal injury case or a car accident the insurance companies doctor should not be the first doctor you have visited. This visit is not to ensure your health but rather to assure the insurance company of the validity of your claim. You may be groaning on about back pain but there is no way for the insurance company to know you are not crying wolf to get a hand out. This visit is not one of doctor patient confidentiality in where you go in and receive treatment for what you say are your symptoms. This is an examination where the doctor reports back to the insurance company and gives them a detailed record of how you responded to a list of questions and tests. This doctor is not on your side. He or she has been hired to save the insurance company money. It is best in the case of this exam to be honest. Your claim depends on cooperation and honesty. Anything less looks suspicious and may give a judge the grounds to throw out your case. If you have been previously injured be honest and own up to that injury. Do not over exaggerate your symptoms. Do your best to explain the discomfort you truly feel.

Have a second opinion on record. Because this doctor is not looking out for your best interests, and they are typically being paid by the insurance company to do as much as possible for the minimum cost they will skip tests to save cost. Have your doctor do tests to find what is wrong with you. If there is viable proof of health issue you will be subject to a claim.

If you are asked to go through with an examination from the oppositions insurance company be sure and take someone along with you. Not only will this person be there for emotional support for your time of unease but also to bare witness to any medical practice you may undergo. This witness may be the deciding factor for a judge in the case regarding your claim in the future. If the doctor states you had no evidence of injury when holding a medicine ball and you never did the activity in front of him or her your witness can attest to this along with your. Otherwise it is the physician’s word against yours.

Personal injuries can be incredibly stressful and cause a great deal of strain on day-to-day life. To ensure you are proceeding in the correct manner for your case so that you receive correct compensation for the injuries you have incurred please contact a Los Angeles car accident lawyer. Personal injury law firms can potentially earn you far more so that you can return to your regular lifestyle faster or live more comfortably. Your life matters and you should make absolutely sure you are doing the most you can to ensure your wellbeing in cases of personal injury. There is no need for you to be miserable because you were un-knowing of a few small factors within the law.

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