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Amputations are one of the most devastating of all personal injuries. The pain and suffering experienced from literally losing a part of yourself is unbearable for most people to even imagine. When it actually happens, it’s natural to want answers and wonder what went wrong to make the amputation necessary. From a legal perspective, amputation enters the realm of personal injury law when the amputation was necessary because of the negligence of another human being. Amputations after car accidents are one of the most common reasons to seek a lawyer that works amputations cases. Medical malpractice can also result in amputations that cause someone undue suffering and loss of wages.

The accidents that cause amputations are always a tragedy. Otherwise healthy people lose a limb and their life is forever changed. Some people adjust well while others go through a tremendous amount of anger, regret, and emotional anguish over the loss. For the people unable to cope well, it’s understandable. They may require years of therapy to come to grips with what they’ve lost. It is the duty of a good personal injury lawyer to not just focus on the financial and physical loss of the client but also be concerned about their emotional well-being. This figures into the legal aspect of the case as well because counseling isn’t free. In order to have all their needs met after the accident, the person will also need compensation to pay for therapy and other emotional needs to get through the most difficult times, especially in the beginning.

While auto and motorcycle accidents comprise the bulk of amputation cases, medical malpractice and defective products are two other very prominent reasons that people lose limbs and must seek legal representation. On the job accidents are a frequent reason that people must seek a lawyer over amputation. Our New York City legal practice has seen far too many people who lost limbs on the job, only to be asked to sign away rights to sue. Don’t fall for this. If you’ve lost a limb on the job, or for any other reason, seek legal representation immediately. It can be difficult to understand just how long-term these injuries can be. You may need therapy for years or need adjustment products that help you to cope with the loss of the limb. These can be extremely costly and insurance doesn’t always pay for the most helpful of devices. The person or organization responsible for the injury needs to be held accountable and pay for your recovery and long-term needs as well.

There are many different types of amputation that might be the focus of a personal injury lawsuit. Traumatic amputation is when you suffer the loss of a limb by sheer force from something like an auto or motorcycle accident. No medical procedure is responsible for this. If another driver was at fault for the injury, you have the right to be compensated for this injury. Defective products can sometimes cause traumatic amputations as well. If a heavy piece of equipment at work malfunctions or safety procedures weren’t clear during the operation of the machine, an amputation might be the fault of an employer and you might have the right to financial compensation for this.

Another common cause for amputations is infection. This can go undetected or undertreated in hospitals, resulting in loss of a limb. If this happens, a personal injury lawyer can analyze medical records and consult experts to determine whether or not the amputation was the result of medical malpractice. It’s the duty of a good personal injury lawyer to go to bat for their client on every front, from analyzing medical records, to determining future costs as a result of the amputation, to seeing to it that their client receives adequate emotional support and professional therapy services if they need it.

Amputation Lawsuits and Compensation

If you’ve suffered an amputation because of someone else’s negligence, you can receive compensation for much more than just pain and suffering or the cost of short-term medical bills. Among the many things that you can receive financial compensation for include:

– Lost wages due to inability to work

– Medical bills and the cost of mobility or prosthetic limbs, which are frequently very costly and must be purchased many times throughout a lifetime

– Counseling to cope with the loss of a limb or limbs

– Personal assistance to deal with chores at home that become more difficult after an amputation

– As always, pain and suffering comprise a large amount of the compensation

Every case will vary in severity or need to be constructed in a different way to ensure that a client receives just compensation for their loss. While no amount of money can ever compensate entirely for the loss of a limb, it’s possible to at least feel that justice has been served and that the people responsible have been held responsible for their actions and what those actions or lack thereof have caused you to suffer through in your lifetime.

Our New York personal injury law firm has been handling amputation for years. This particular area of practice is highly specialized. Only a lawyer who has personal experience with amputations cases knows exactly what to research and present to the court when taking these cases forward. Sometimes the lawyer will simply work on your behalf to get justice for you in your initial case and then take each new problem as it arises. For example, amputations lawyers often go back to work on behalf of a client again if insurance fails to pay for the appropriate equipment to help a client in their everyday life. Prosthetic limbs are important to the quality of life our clients deserve. If an insurance company denies your claim for a particular prosthetic limb, we can go to work for you and ensure that you get that particular prosthetic limb by demonstrating your need for this specific brand or type of prosthetic limb.

We are well-known in this industry as a personal injury firm dedicated to our clients and willing to go the extra mile to make sure that they are taken care of both before, during, and after their case is brought forth. We get the best possible results for our clients by taking a personal interest in seeing that these remarkably strong people get both the financial compensation they deserve for their loss and the emotional support they need during a very trying period of their life. If you need help with an amputations case, please don’t hesitate to call us today for help.

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