Do you need to hire a criminal lawyer

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a criminal deed that could lead to stiff fines or prison time, it’s inevitable that you need to call a defense lawyer. This article is by Aaron Wallenstein, a premier NYC DWI Attorney. It doesn’t matter if you don’t necessarily have the money to afford one just yet. Many criminal defense lawyers will work with you during your case and give you ample amount of time to pay for their services over the course of months or even years depending on the crime. They know how important it is for the justice system to function smoothly. People accused of crimes have the right to a competent, passionate attorney who will defend them against unjust charges.

Time is important in these cases. The longer you wait to hire an attorney before talking to authorities, the more damage you can do to your case. Some clients unwittingly answer questions that they are under no obligation to answer or reveal too much information when it’s unneeded. A good attorney immediately steps in and speaks on your behalf, revealing only information that is pertinent and necessary to reveal for the good of your case.

Once you’ve hired a criminal defense attorney, you will be asked questions. They will talk to witnesses or people who are close enough to your case with important information that may be helpful to your side of the story. Criminal charges fall under two categories: misdemeanor and felony. A felony charge can carry years in prison with it, meaning that if you have been charged with a felony, you 100% of the time need to contact a criminal defense attorney. There is never a good reason to forego this step. A felony can stay on your record for life depending on the nature of the felony, with the possibility of losing much more than just time.

Once a felon is released from prison, they have this felony on their record. It can affect employment, eligibility for government programs, and places to live. It’s imperative to keep these criminal charges off of your record and get them reduced to a misdemeanor. Your best chance of doing that is contacting a criminal lawyer.

Your criminal lawyer will need many pieces of information from you for your case to be accepted. They will need to have court documents, bail papers if you’ve been released on bail, any type of search warrants that were carried out on your property, and police reports. It is impossibly to detail everything a criminal attorney will need to take on your case, but they will be very forthright with you and let you know what they need to represent you the best way they can.

It’s natural for you to have questions for your attorney as well. One of the most frustrating things about not having an attorney is trying to decipher what your court papers mean and what other lawyers and police officers mean when they speak to you. The law is jargon to someone who doesn’t know how it works. Don’t feel frustrated! Feel compelled to call a criminal attorney who can make the law make sense to you and let you know exactly what is going on with your case.

Your attorneys have authority that you don’t have to question the people who are accusing you of a crime. They can speak with state’s attorneys or district attorneys and judges to get more information than you can get about your own case. This is one of the reasons that it’s so critical for you to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent you. Even if they cannot get the charges completely dropped, in most cases they can get them reduced to a lesser charge and spare you jail or prison time. People who have active lives and family and friends who depend on them owe it to themselves to hire an attorney.

It’s best to find a criminal lawyer who has a background in criminal law, obviously, and who has experience in winning cases. Maybe they haven’t been practicing long but they probably already have enough experience to show you their success stories. Make sure you are completely comfortable communicating with your attorney. Communication and honesty is essential to winning your case.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you need a criminal lawyer today. Don’t wait until tomorrow. They will take the facts of your case and go to work for you.