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Health Care Insurance in Personal Injury Cases

Many people wonder how personal injury cases come to court given the payouts by an injured party’s health insurance. This is a natural question to ask: How does health insurance affect your personal injury lawsuit brought by our NYC personal injury law firm? The answer, as always, is a little more complicated than a few yes or no to questions. There is actually a LOT our firm can do to protect your payouts from health insurance companies. It just takes a bit of legal expertise to get to the bottom of things and make sure that you get all your money.

Health Insurance in Personal Injury Cases

Entire volumes have been written about insurance’s impact on your settlement. This is because if the health insurance paid for your healthcare during recovery from your injury, they can file a lien against your settlement to try to recoup their losses.

Let’s take a brief example to demonstrate more fully. Let’s say you were injured in an at-work accident. Your health insurance company paid out $30,000 toward your recovery. When you file your lawsuit, this is the amount the health insurance might place a lien out on if you win the case. In many ways, this is grossly unfair because the health insurance company didn’t pay the lawyer’s fees, the court’s fees, and other miscellaneous filing fees in your case. But they recoup their money without having to spend any of their own money to get it back. Effectively, you’ve gone to court partially to get the insurance company’s fees back. It doesn’t sound all that fair.

Because of this, our NYC personal injury attorney is going to take into account the amount of money that the insurance company might possibly request back. We can win your claim based on other factors, too, such as pain and suffering and other things you’ve lost in the accident, not just your medical bills. While this may still be taken out of your settlement money, keep in mind that we go after the MAXIMUM amount you are entitled to based on the law. Our settlements tend to be on the high end, leaving you with enough to cover FUTURE medical bills as well. Not all cases involve recovery. Some incur lifelong injuries that will amount to thousands or millions of dollars in damages over the course of a lifetime. It’s this money that we focus on.

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Despite the current insurance rules on your accident claim, we can work with you and your insurance company to ensure that YOU receive the money that is due to you, not your health insurance. Since they aren’t going to foot the bill for your lawsuit, it’s natural that we can press for these things in court. Finding laws that help YOU is our priority and our job. We are more than willing to play hardball with your insurance company to make sure that they aren’t able to take any money that isn’t due to them.

Our services are free during the duration of your lawsuit. We won’t receive a dime of our fee until you’ve gone to court and won your case. That’s our ongoing promise to our customers. Don’t be afraid to bring a lawsuit to us if you feel that you deserve justice in your negligence case. We’re going to fight for you like we would fight for our own friends and family if they were injured in the way that you were. We communicate clearly about our fees and let you know every step of the way how your case is proceeding.

Don’t be afraid to give us a call. We’re not afraid to take on big insurance companies trying to get their cut of your money. You were the one who suffered. You are the one brave enough to pursue a lawsuit in court. You are the one who should get most of your settlement money. While there are some rules we just can’t do anything about, rest assured that we will get the maximum amount of compensation for you that we possibly can, and future medical bills will be paid by the party who is responsible for creating your injury.

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