If you were involved in a truck accident in California, then you may have a great deal of out-of-pocket expenses. Your car may have been totaled or perhaps your mounting medical bills are more than you can handle. Or, worse yet, the truck accident left you temporarily or permanently injured, unable to work. You have contacted the insurance company, but they barely want to provide you with enough compensation to replace your vehicle, let alone supplement your now non-existent salary. What do you do next? What should you do to receive the compensation that you deserve?

Save all of your medical bills
If you have been seriously injured in an accident, then you should maintain all medical records that outline your injury. Make sure to save all receipts and doctor’s reports so that you can share them at a later date. You should have a candid talk with your doctor, explaining your job responsibilities and obligations. The doctor should then detail in his or her report why you injuries prevent you from returning to work and how long he or she believes that you will have to stay at home.

Do not always trust the insurance company
Even if you have quality insurance, understand that the insurance company has one goal in mind: to find a solution that will minimize their financial liability. In many instances, they will offer a settlement that will only cover a portion of your out-of-pocket damages. When it comes to your job, many times they do not factor in your inability to work due to the accident. If you cannot work for a period of time, it may be appropriate to look past the insurance company and find some additional representation.

Hire an attorney that you can trust
If you are looking for compensation while out of work, then you should consider hiring an attorney that you can trust. Most attorneys will look at your case and decide if they can represent you. During the consultation process, the lawyer will look at your paperwork, including medical records, accident reports, and other important documents. If they decide to take your case, they will negotiate on your behalf during the proceedings. In many instances, the attorney will attempt to settle your case, especially if the opposing party is reasonable and acknowledges fault. However in other cases, the attorney will suggest that you file a lawsuit where they will attempt to not only prove fault, but also quantify damages.

Even though there are a variety of attorneys out there, it is very important to choose one who has experience in personal injury law in California. Attorneys that specialize in this type of law can easily recognize and highlight the weaknesses in the defense’s case. They also know what experts and investigators to hire that will find evidence to fully support your lawsuit.

Have realistic expectations
Whether your case goes to trial or not, have realistic expectations about the outcomes. Your goal is to receive the compensation needed to make you whole financially, not to make you unjustly enriched. If you have been hurt by an accident involving a truck, then you should not be forced to return to work when you are not ready. However, you should be realistic and only ask for the compensation necessary to help you through your recovery process.

So after you have been injured in a truck accident, what recourse do you have? Is there a way that you can receive the compensation that you deserve? When involved in an accident, make sure to retain important records, hire a Los Angeles car accident attorney you can trust and have realistic expectations about the outcome. In the end, if done properly, you will receive the compensation that you deserve.

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