After an accident, one of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to wait to go to the hospital. Even if nothing is wrong and you have to go in your own vehicle instead of an ambulance, you want to make sure that there isn’t anything that could turn up at a later point. This could cause a delay in processing the insurance to get your medical bills taken care of and any payment for the medical bills and loss of work if you have to miss time because of the injury. One of the common issues after an accident is whiplash. This might not present at the time of the accident. You might have a headache the next day or pain in the back and neck. This is a condition that needs to be treated as it can result in stiff muscles and appointments with a chiropractor in the future. If you have the condition documented, then you can likely get the other driver’s insurance to cover the visits to the doctor.

When you are at the hospital, make sure that you get a report of any findings from the doctor and a signature stating that you were involved in a car accident. You will need to give this information to the insurance company as well as an attorney if you plan to sue for any damages or compensation. You might want to be tough after a car accident, thinking that you survived the incident and are alright, but this could be the worst thing that you could do if there is anything seriously wrong that you can’t see on the outside. If you are in a t-bone accident or one that is a head-on collision, then you need to go to the hospital right away as these accidents cause more whiplash and issues with the head, back and neck than other types of accidents that occur.

You usually have about 72 hours after an accident before an insurance company or an attorney would think about attributing your injuries to something else that you’ve done. Doctors at the hospital will also document any prior conditions that you may have as to note the impact that the accident had on them or to not get confused with new injuries. This is important to get documented because there are some people who will try to get compensation for a prior injury after blaming what happened on the accident.

One of the issues that you’ll find is that not every doctor will see an accident victim. It’s anther reason why you want to see someone at a hospital. All of the equipment that is needed for testing is right there, and if there is anything severe that needs to be addressed, you can get the proper treatment right away without waiting to make an appointment with a doctor’s office. If you aren’t sure what to do about visiting a doctor if you don’t have medical insurance or enough money, then talk to your auto insurance provider along with an attorney. You might need to have a bill sent for the visit and get compensated at a later time once the settlement is completed.

Most states have a set period of time after the car accident of when you can file an injury claim. You can’t think that six months down the road you can go to a doctor for pain in the body and expect to receive any kind of paperwork to be filed by an attorney or the car insurance company. However, if you can get the doctor to write a statement that the accident caused the injury, then you might be able to get partial compensation at least.

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