Being hit by another driver is a terrifying experience, and what happens next is often the most confusing portion of the entire situation. There are police to deal with, insurance companies asking for information, and many people place their trust in these experts to help guide them through the correct process. They realize they should adhere to what insurance companies advise them to do, but that’s not always the truth. In fact, you might be asked to fill out several forms following a car accident you should never fill out. One such form is a medical release requested by the other driver’s insurance company. Before you go filling out forms you’re not sure you should be touching, get to know which forms are required and which ones you should never sign following an accident.

Filling Out Forms

It’s safe to fill out the police report form when the accident occurs. You will need to have this with you when you approach the insurance agency about filing a claim. You’ll need to hand over your own insurance information and driver’s license, and you’ll want to carefully read the police report before you sign it. If any information has been misreported or is not correct, you’ll want to ask them to correct that long before you sign. Once it’s all accurate, sign it.

Your insurance company and the hospital you visit might ask you fill out specific forms, too. This is perfectly fine as most of these forms are required if you want to find yourself the correct medical care. Most forms you’re asked to fill out are perfectly legal and necessary, but it’s not always the case.

When Not to Fill Out Forms

When you’re approached by the other driver’s insurance company, your best defense is to avoid signing any paperwork. They’re going to ask you to sign forms that might not be necessary to your case, but that might help them get out of paying for your accident caused by another driver. The most important thing to realize is an insurance company doesn’t want to put money toward your case. They want to find any evidence that might allow them to get out of being liable for your accident.

If they ask you to sign something, you should consider saying no. Even if they tell you it’s required paperwork, it might not be. They are trained to make you feel they are experts and you should do what they say, but it’s not always the case.

Hiring an Attorney

The best solution when you are involved in a car accident caused by someone else is to hire a personal injury attorney. This is the kind of attorney who works to ensure you have the best care, and they can tell you what you should fill out and what you should not. The attorney you hire is well-versed in paperwork and legalities involved in car accidents. They’ll tell you what you should fill out and help you understand why you should not fill out other forms.

If ever you’re asked to sign paperwork you don’t feel comfortable signing, call a Los Angeles car accident attorney and ask them to go over the legalities of your situation with you. You could put yourself at serious risk of not being covered if you sign the wrong paperwork, which is damaging to your case. If you cannot afford to pay for the accident repairs and medical bills yourself, you don’t want to sign anything that might give the other insurance company ammunition to release themselves from liability. It’s especially important to never sign a medical release form for anyone. It’s not required, and it can only hurt you.

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