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I feel fine; should I still see a doctor after my automobile accident?

When a person is involved in an automobile accident, it is usually obvious if they are injured. However, even in the most serious of accidents, people often emerge feeling fine. But while that may be the case initially, those good feelings often don’t last. Unfortunately, serious injuries tend to emerge days or weeks later. But by failing to visit a doctor immediately after the accident, victims may essentially forfeit their chances of filing a personal injury lawsuit and gaining much-needed financial compensation. Therefore, even if you feel fine after being involved in an automobile accident, there are a variety of reasons why you should still see a doctor.

The Delay In Treatment
When victims fail to see a doctor after a vehicle accident, NYC personal injury lawyers refer to it as a delay in treatment. By failing to see a doctor in a prompt fashion, accident victims are essentially taking money out of their own pockets. When they let too much time pass after the accident, they allow insurance companies of the driver who was at fault to pay less and less in compensation, since the insurance company can then claim the injuries were not caused by the accident itself. According to many NYC personal injury lawyers, clients who think they don’t need to see a doctor have what’s commonly known as “John Wayne Syndrome.” However, unlike the Duke, the toughness wears off and the pain begins. However, by then it can be too late to file a lawsuit and gain the financial compensation needed to cover medical expenses and lost wages. For more information about this, you can visit Your text to link….

They Must Treat You
For many auto accident victims, they decide against seeing a doctor because they have no health insurance and therefore may not be able to pay for the provided services. However, they should remember that even if they do not want to see a primary care doctor or other health professional, they can go to a hospital emergency room and receive immediate treatment for any injuries they may have. Since an emergency room visit will probably include x-rays, lab tests, and a comprehensive physical exam, doctors will in all likelihood be able to spot injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, even if a victim feels as if they are not hurt. Therefore, if you are not seeing a doctor for fear of not being able to pay, visiting an emergency room will ensure you won’t be denied treatment for an inability to pay. Further information about this can be found at Your text to link….

What Types of Injuries Can Result From Auto Accidents?
For those victims who have never been in an auto accident, they may not know what types of injuries can be sustained. Since chemicals in the body can often mask certain injuries, it may be days or weeks before neck pain, back pain, soft-tissue injuries, and even problems involving the spinal cord begin to manifest themselves. For these reasons, it’s imperative to not delay getting medical treatment. Not only can this put a personal injury lawsuit at risk, but your health as well.

Faking and Exaggerating
When you delay receiving medical treatment and then state you are injured weeks later, the insurance company of the driver who was at fault will try very hard to say you are faking or exaggerating your injuries simply to get a large settlement. To prove their point, they will say that any injuries you may now claim to have could have happened long after the accident through a variety of means, and in no way are the result of the auto accident. Unfortunately for many victims, even though they know their injuries are the result of the auto accident, it becomes harder and harder to prove, ultimately leaving them with little or no compensation for their injuries.

Consult an Attorney Immediately
Along with visiting a doctor or emergency room immediately after the accident, it’s just as important to visit NYC personal injury lawyers who are experienced and knowledgeable about auto accident cases. By doing so, you’ll have someone on your side who can act as a buffer against opposing insurance companies, while seeing you gain the financial compensation you need and deserve.

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