“I don’t like the thought of having to sue somebody and am not looking to get rich quick.”

Unfortunately, there is some validity behind that statement. We are living in a litigious society. You can turn almost anywhere and find a lawsuit grounded in triviality. There are plaintiffs claiming injuries that simply do not exist. We read of a woman who has dozens of filed lawsuits at any given time. One suit claimed the kids next door dribbling a basketball caused her undue stress.

But most of us do not understand that this is not what the law (or lawsuits) are about.

Why Sue?

Ultimately, filing a lawsuit is a private citizen’s right to get justice. The drawback is the legal system does not discriminate – and it’s not supposed to. Everyone is allowed to have a voice, even someone that should not. But this is the only way to ensure the court always conducts itself in a fair manner. One plaintiff suing a company for a nonexistent injury and who is obviously looking to get rich quick gets to be heard, but so does the family that lost the head of the household in a drunk driving incident, or parents with a brain dead child due to negligence in the operating room, or the worker who was burned because management did not sufficiently set up a system that warned the area was hazardous.

Not every lawsuit involves an injury. A person has a right to hold a company responsible for not delivering on the quality of its products. A vendor is entitled to compensation when a third party is ruining operations by not paying its debt. A school that’s discriminating against minorities or the handicapped should legally answer hard questions about their behavior.

Filing a lawsuit, with all its pros and cons, is about holding someone accountable for the impact they have had on someone’s life, be it bodily, financial or emotional.

We advise our clients to not take filing a lawsuit lightly. It should be done with careful consideration. The legal system and dealing with adversaries can be a volatile, frustrating and time consuming endeavor. And down the line, winning and getting a settlement may not be worth it in terms of the time you put in and the money you will have spent.

Major Reasons to File a Lawsuit

Enforcing a Contractual Obligation
From landlords refusing to fulfill a promise to upgrade an apartment to collecting a debt to forcing a vendor to complete an agreed upon action, the courts give everyone a way to get another party to do as promised. Disagreements can come from misinterpretation or refusal to comply with contract language or an individual refusing to turn over the title and vehicle already paid for. The court will hear the argument and determine if a contract (verbal or otherwise) is valid and enforce terms.

Recovering Damages
This is likely the legal action most of us are familiar and uncomfortable with. It can seem cruel to take certain circumstances and drag them into court, but these same circumstances can have a horrific impact on an entire family’s way of life. Getting food poisoning after eating at a restaurant or a son getting blinded because a faulty handgun exploded, someone should be held accountable. There are medical bills, loss of wages and potential lifelong impact as a result of the incident. Why should these burdens fall on the victims?

Protecting Property
Neighbors fight over lots and where fences have crossed the line. Companies find themselves in conflict over intellectual properties worth millions of dollars. It can be simple or complex, but the dispute is often never negotiated peacefully between two parties that see the other side as an invader. Sometimes, only the lawyers and courts can successfully end the tension.

In the end, if you are looking to get rich, we suggest opening a business. While tremendous amounts of money can be involved in lawsuits, do remember something truly tragic may have to happen for that opportunity to open up for you. But should you find yourself in such a position, the legal system, personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles and lawsuits may be the best way to ensure you get justice.

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