Being involved in a car accident is always a serious event, no matter how major or minor it might seem at the time. If you are in an accident that occurs in a construction zone, however, the legal implications are a bit different. This is particularly true if you are the victim of a construction zone that poses a danger to drivers on the open road. As a result, you might wonder what you should do after a construction zone accident. Continue reading to learn some of the things that you should do in the immediate aftermath.

Take Care of Your Injuries

The first thing you should do after a construction zone accident is also the most logical, yet many people neglect the importance of it. You need to temper your emotions and anger over what has happened and work to make sure your injuries are taken care of. This goes for any passengers as well. Even if you do not feel you are injured, you still need to consult a medical professional as soon as possible. This is because many injuries that occur as a result of a car accident do not manifest them for days or even weeks after the event.

Take Notes and Pictures if Possible

Unfortunately, you do not get to determine who is at fault in a construction zone accident. That will be left up to the law enforcement officers who arrive on the scene, and decided in a court of law at a later time if it comes to that. What you can do, however, is ensure that your side of the story is heard. If you are able, this begins with you taking notes and pictures of the scene. It is quite possible that the construction crew at the zone was negligent in how barriers were erected, or how the road itself was maintained. This can be shown by photos. A picture is truly worth more than a thousand words in this case, as it will be proof that you were not at fault. It is also important that you record everything you can remember about the accident. Remember to be factual and include anything that you can remotely remember, no matter how trivial it might seem. This will become critical at a later time in the process.

Remain At the Scene and Stay Patient

If your injuries are not life threatening, remember to stay patient and let the process run its course. A construction zone accident is a serious event, and the police will treat it as such. Allow them to do their work. Stay respectful and do what they say. At the same time, realize that anything you say may be recorded, so it is best to say as little as possible. Let them do their work, but make sure that they are writing up a police report that you can later get to an attorney. While you are waiting is a great time to snap photos and record your own account of what happened.

Contact A Lawyer

There are a lot of legal ramifications to a construction zone accident. This is difficult for one person to handle, particularly when you have a great many other things on your mind. A lawyer will be able to navigate the tricky legal landscape for you. They will get a copy of the police report, analyze photos from the scene, and conduct negotiations on your behalf with the insurance company. These are all items that require a professional and experienced lawyer on your side.

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