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What Should I Do After a Construction Zone Accident?

2013 saw 67,000 vehicle accidents in construction zones in the United States. The crashes led to approximately 47,00 injuries. In 2010, 500 deaths resulted from construction site mishaps. NYC personal injury attorneys report that 30% of accidents that happen in construction areas result in bodily harm while 70% cause property and car damages. NYC personal injury lawyers state that thousands of construction zone accidents occur because of the following factors:

• Rear end crashes, which often lead to incapacitating cases of whiplash among the victims.

• Inadequate signage, detours signs, or the failure by the construction crew to alert motorists on the need slow down when approaching the work site. The failure to have safety regulations for the road users would constitute gross negligence.

• Leaving equipment on the work site or the places the machinery is hazardous to the drivers.

• Poor road engineering work by the company that built the road. NYC personal injury attorneys say poor workmanship includes uneven pavements.

• Substandard engineering which occurs because of architectural mistakes or the poor execution of the engineer’s instructions.

• The use of low-quality materials that make the road chip out, too dangerous, or slippery for the drivers.

• The failure to guide the oncoming traffic.

• The failure to mark risky areas, such as holes or the incomplete lanes.

Liability in Construction Zone Accidents

When you suffer injuries or property damage in the construction site, you may opt to seek compensation from the construction company, the construction machinery driver, or local government. There can never be a general approach to the way the victims of construction site accidents fight for financial payments. An NYC personal injury attorney can advise on the party that carries the greatest responsibility for your bodily harm or vehicle damages.

The Steps to Follow after the Work Site Accident

In the construction zone collision, an NYC personal injury lawyer would recommend that you follow the steps below to protect your interests:

• Contact the police to whom you should give an honest and full account of the events before, during, and after the accident.

• You must ensure to state the facts about the crash when talking to the construction company
driver or the law enforcement officers.

• Neither admit being at fault nor apologize.

• Request the eye witnesses to write statements on the accident. Also, using your cell phone, take some snap shots of the accident scene, the signage, your injuries, and the damaged property. The photograph will help the NYC personal injury law firm to build your compensation case.

• Even if you feel no pain, consult a healthcare provider immediately for a medical examination. The shock and emotional status can mask your pain soon after the accident.

Consult an NYC Personal Injury Law Firm

It would be necessary to seek advice from an experienced NYC personal injury attorney before contacting the construction company’s insurer. The NYC personal injury law firm will take charge of your claims. The attorneys will ensure there are no legal loopholes or technical missteps that the insurance companies to deny you justice.

Letting NYC personal injury attorneys handle your case ensures that the insurance firm does not shortchange you on the legally-deserved payments. The NYC personal injury lawyers have the experience on how insurers behave and have the best method to maneuver through the most complex personal injury cases.

Why you need a NYC Personal Injury Lawyer

To a lay person, the technicalities surrounding personal injury cases are never easy. Even when the construction site accident seems to involve you and the driver, you cannot conclude that the driver is the at-the-fault party. For instance, in the case that involves multiple vehicles, your NYC personal injury lawyer can conclude that the construction firm driver and all the other motorist share liability.

Sometimes, the liability can extend to the construction equipment manufacturer. Chain-reaction vehicle accidents at construction zones present legal complications since your advocates need to prove that the at-the fault parties have varying degrees of liability. Your NYC personal injury lawyer can compare your circumstances with similar cases and determine whether you stand a chance to win compensation for your pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, worker’s compensation, lost income, and emotional distress.

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