Construction vehicle actions are different from the average automobile accident for various reasons. The main reason is that construction vehicles are primarily used on the job, and are not personal vehicles. The plaintiff could be someone that was in the construction vehicle or someone that was affected as a result of the accident. The most common accidents from construction vehicles include:

• Falling Objects
• Electrocution
• Leaking Gas/Fire
• Crane Accidents
• Falls
• Machinery Malfunction

To best protect legal rights, it’s important to contact a lawyer after seeking out medical attention. Besides making sure you are stable, medical reports will give the attorney information about what other injuries were sustained from the accident, including psychological issues, and what may happen as a result of these injuries.

When To Contact An Attorney

It is crucial to contact a lawyer right away if:

• Pedestrians were involved
• The accident was in a construction area
• Insurers begin to include their attorney
• Who is at fault is an issue
• The police report is incorrect and gives fault
• Low liability insurance limits
• Significant medical issues
• Death occurred as a result
• You don’t know your rights
• You aren’t sure whether to contact a lawyer or not

Faults and Liability

There are several reasons why the construction vehicle accident may have occurred. The three primary lawsuits that come out of these lawsuits are:
• Product Liability Lawsuits – this happens when it’s the fault of the product that the accident occurred. If something on the construction vehicle was faulty (such as the crane or attached trailer, depending on the machinery), or any other malfunction that occurred.

• Labor Laws – If you were working on a construction site for your employer when the accident took place, certain labor laws protect you from fault and will require compensation, depending on the situation.

• Workplace Negligence – If your company did not give safe conditions under which to work, or unsafe actions were occurring at the time of the accident that brought the crash about, you might be able to sue your employer.

Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

A lawyer will understand what’s necessary to begin a lawsuit, and file the appropriate paperwork. They are entirely on your side, whereas insurance companies and employers have their set of priorities. Having a lawyer will help assess fault and advise you on what to do with your insurance company, such as not accepting an individual settlement offer or signing certain paperwork. Lawyers in this field will be able to match the knowledge that your employer has on workplace safety and fault, as well as access your medical records to prove harm, obtain police reports, call witnesses that were at the scene of the accident, join forces with another plaintiff, or even find experts in the areas of medical illustrations, design malfunctions, and safety issues in the workplace. They can also tell you what your case may be worth and whether to pursue it.

Types of Compensation

Personal injury is the primary type of compensation that comes out of these lawsuits. Compensation can be acquired for medical bills, accident-related expenses, loss of income, loss of future wages if you will be out of work for a period, pain and suffering, and property damage. If the construction vehicle accident included a family member that passed away, as a result, the family can sue and receive wrongful death compensation.


Construction vehicle litigation can take a long time and be very complex. It’s important to hire a Los Angeles car accident lawyer with expertise in personal injury, auto accidents, or even job-related injuries to make it through a successful litigation process. They will decide whether to accept a settlement or go to court for damages and will get you the care and money you deserve.

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