NYC Scaffold Accident Lawyers

Scaffolds are an important part of construction sites. They allow workers to reach higher places on buildings. Because of the height, it is imperative that safety procedures be followed on the part of the construction company and that equipment is up to industry standards and rigorously tested for safety. When something goes wrong in a scaffold accident, people are often horribly injured or even killed. Because of this, companies have a special duty to their employees to follow all safety procedures and test all equipment for safety.

The safety procedures vary by type of scaffolding. There is tubular steel scaffolding which are more reliable than wood scaffolding. Manufacturers should always provide recommendations for how to secure these structures to ensure that workers are safe during their time on them. Seating and locking are important parts of safety, too. Guard rails should be secure in these structures as well.

Another type is called rolling or Baker scaffolding which has mobility in the air. In order to safely operate this type of scaffolding, all equipment and material needs to be removed from the platform before it moves. When someone forgets this, catastrophic injury can occur to one or more construction workers.

Wood scaffolds are still used in some areas but the safety of these is debatable. Many accidents occur on wood scaffolding as it is not as durable or mobile as the aforementioned previous two types. We see far too many wood scaffolds accidents per year that result in grave injury to workers. It is our sincere hope that as time goes by, the lawsuits we bring against accountable companies will encourage them to use more durable and safe materials on their construction projects.

If you or someone you love has been injured in one of these accidents, or if a loved one died because a company failed to provide safe scaffolds for their workers, please contact our New York personal injury law firm. We provide a free consultation and gather information at a pace that’s comfortable for you. In the beginning of these cases, we see far too many people who are eager to settle with a company or insurance company to avoid a lengthy court battle. The good news is that when you turn your case over to us we take care of all the analysis, fact gathering, and interaction with insurance companies, companies, and opposing lawyers.

We know how to fight the big companies that neglect to provide safe working conditions for their workers. In New York, there are many construction projects that require scaffolding, meaning that we have seen a great deal of these cases come through our office. Our excellence in this area is well known to our clients and opposing lawyers. We take each case on an individual basis, gather all of the facts, and present our case in an orderly, precise way that judges understand.

We don’t collect fees up front. You pay after you collect compensation. We are fair in the percentage of your compensation that we take for our services. We realize that scaffolding accidents often involve loss of life and we realize that it’s a difficult time for our clients when they come to us to seek justice for them. It’s our goal to take only a fair amount of compensation for the months and months of work that we pour into each one of our cases. We do not rest until we know that our clients have received their just compensation for the injuries or even loss of life that they suffered as a result of a scaffolding accident.

If you’re in the New York area and want to pursue a scaffolding accident case, please call us before you do anything else. We will represent you with all of the power the law affords us and we will win your case for you in a way that is prompt, with only fair compensation to us for our efforts. Call today.