Saw and Cutting Blade Accident Lawyers

The Big Apple, or New York, is booming with skyscrapers and buildings of many different sizes and shapes. There are buildings of glass, stone, concrete and just about any other type building material you can think of. All of these buildings came to be because of a team of construction workers. These guys have one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States today. As a result, injuries happen all the time, and a perfectly healthy guy may never go back to work again after an accident of this magnitude.

The most frequent types of construction accidents

Of all of the construction accidents hospitals deal with every day, the most frequent are saw and cutting blade accidents. OSHA sets standards to keep these accidents to a minimum, but if the rules aren’t followed, an accident will occur. Unfortunately, these accidents often cause debilitating injuries or even death. Limbs can be severed or a worker can become paralyzed.

Accidents don’t just occur to the workers on the construction site. They also occur to pedestrians or other individuals who may be near the work site. For example, in one case, a saw blade flew off the saw and cut a woman’s leg who was simply passing by on the sidewalk. These saws are made to cut through objects of wood, metal and concrete so imagine the impact on flesh.

Causes of saw and cutting blade accidents

There are many reasons for an accident to occur with a saw or cutting blade. The saw may not have been maintained properly, or the blade may not have been changed as it should be. There could be a defect in the saw from the manufacturer. It could be the fault of the operator himself. He could not be paying attention or perhaps he wasn’t trained properly before he was released to work with the equipment. The fault would then probably lie on the shoulders of the supervisor of that employee.

There are specific regulations on how to safely use power driven saws on a construction site. These regulations are set forth by the New York State Department of Labor. If they are not followed correctly by everyone, the results can be devastating. A good New York attorney who is experienced in the field of construction accidents can figure out who is at fault for the accident.

Getting help for your New York cutting blade accident

A good New York attorney who is experienced in the field of construction accidents can figure out who is at fault. Sadly, many of these accidents could be avoided if things were handled properly. For instance, a worker was awarded over a million dollars because his employee decided to change the saw to his specifications instead of sticking with the manufacturers way. He caused a serious injury to this individual. If he had stuck with what the manufacturer said, the whole thing could have been avoided.

We understand that an accident of this magnitude can cause pain and suffering for a long while. The accident may cause you loss of an arm which may leave you out of work. You may be the victim whose loved one was taken from you due to a cutting blade accident. Nothing can replace that person in your life.

Our New York construction accident attorneys are ready to hear your case and get you on the road to a better future. We are willing to fight night and day to determine the fault and get you all the compensation you and your family deserves and needs. Give us a call today and let us help you fight for your rights.