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Crane accidents injure and claim the lives of dozens of individuals each year in New York. For many people, the concept of being injured or killed by a crane seems foreign. Use of this heavy machinery is limited to construction zones, and most people have little to no access to these zones. It’s the people who work closely to or with cranes that are most likely to suffer an injury or die from a crane accident, and these accidents happen more often than most people realize.

What Causes a Crane Accident?

Crane accidents can happen for virtually any reason, but there are a few reasons more prevalent than others.

– Manufacturer error
– Operator error
– Unsafe working conditions
– Inadequate supervision on the job site
– Improper use of warning signs
– Negligence

Crane accidents are some of the most devastating. This equipment is large and heavy, and mishandling it or not properly warning people of the dangers of cranes is what results in injuries and death. If you or someone you love is the victim of a crane accident, there is a chance it was caused by someone else’s negligence. If this fact can be proved, you are entitled to compensation to help you recover some of the pain and suffering you’ve encountered as a result of this accident.

Injuries and Death

Crane accidents happen often, and many people are killed as a result of negligence or improper use. Whether a supervisor failed to inform a crane operator that the heavy equipment the crane was moving was not secured enough and it falls to the ground, or a crane was not located on safe ground for operation and tipped over, accidents are usually caused by some type of negligence. Some of the most common injuries associated with a crane accident include the following:

– Death
– Paralysis
– Amputation
– Brain injuries
– Spinal cord injuries
– Life-long disability

When someone is injured to this extend, the repercussions are severe. If the victim survives, there is a high probability he or she will require a lifetime of medical care to survive. This means long-term care, medical bills, aspects insurance companies don’t cover, and it means loss of wages. A person with an injury this severe is unable to work, which means a family loses valuable income as substantial medical bills begin to add up. Crane accidents are a devastating financial occurrence for any families.

Compensation for Crane Accidents

If you or someone you love in involved in a crane accident that results in death or injury, you and your family are owed compensation. This compensation is issued on behalf of the person or company responsible for the accident, and it’s used to cover a myriad of financial instances.

– Long-term medical care
– Medical bills
– Loss of wages
– Loss of income
– Pain and suffering

There’s no limit to how this money can be used, but it’s also valuable for those who are left behind when a loved one dies as a result of a crane accident. The cost of a funeral, the medical bills following the accident, and the cost of living life without that person’s income are expensive, and many families are unable to afford these expenses. Let an experienced attorney help you make the most of your case by providing crane accidents are not your fault.

A lawsuit can help your family recover financially by finding the compensation you deserve following an act of negligence that changes a person or family’s life forever. An experienced attorney has the resources and knowledge at hand to prove negligence and help families recover. Let one help you get through this most difficult time. You deserve a break from the heartache you’ve been caused because someone else was negligent in providing proper care and safety for your loved one.

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