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If I was in a car accident and have whiplash. Can I sue?

One of the most common injuries that occur to a person during road accidents are whiplash injuries. In most cases, whiplash accidents cannot be seen until a few days later. While some of these injuries will take few weeks to few months to respond to treatments as well as chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy, rare times can occur to a person when whiplash lasts for the entire life of the person. You must take all whiplash injuries seriously. In such cases, the expenses of such treatments can consume to tens of thousands of dollars.

Whiplash Injury Explained
Whiplash injuries are referred to the most common forms of spine injuries. Whiplash occurs when someone experiences a sudden force is applied from behind. This occurs mostly when a car is struck from behind. When it occurs, it results in the neck and head being hit first violently after the impact thrusts them backward. These sudden adjustments subject the cervical vertebrae as well as the neck muscles to stretching. As a result of stretching, these neck muscles become damaged to an extent where they no longer have the capability of maintaining the vertebrae into its proper position. This often leads to the vertebrae compressing nerves and shifting its position. In many occasions, it often causes a wide range of symptoms that cause spasms, muscle weaknesses, and pain.

How Serious Whiplash Injuries Can Be
Since such injuries in the spine involve the human vertebra on the area surrounding the neck, the discs that offer cushions to the vertebrae as well as the nerves that exit the spinal cord can be seriously hurt. This makes these injuries very seriously. It is very common for such injuries to last many months after the occurrence of the accidents. It is also reported that some of these injuries require surgeries to the spine years to come.

If I was involved in an auto accident and get whiplash, can I sue?
This answer is dependent upon two factors. First of all, it depends on who caused the accident. The second thing to consider is the circumstances that surround the accident. Anyone injured in a car accident, generally speaking, has all the necessary rights to sue the party that caused the accident to occur. The person who caused the accident is made responsible for injuries that may have happened to the victim of the accident. They are required to compensate them for property damage as well as the injuries that resulted.

If you caused the accident, you don’t have the rights to sue because you will end up suing yourself. On many occasions, your insurance company will be responsible for treating you as well as other property damage replacement if you are injured in the auto accident. However, the responsibility of your insurance company exists within the specified amount of your insurance policy.

What You Should Do If you Didn’t Cause the Accident
Even if you were the cause of the accident or not and get injured, medical attention is always paramount. If you may choose not to go to the hospital and symptoms come up, later on, you must be willing to contact your primary care providers to ensure you get an office visit for treatment. Getting medical attention, in addition to protecting your health, creates a permanent trail of papers for medical records documenting that you were involved in an accident and succumbed to injuries.

Can I See a Doctor for my Whiplash Accident without Litigation?
If that is what you want to do, it is possible. It is not always a good choice because most of us don’t know the effects of whiplash injuries you are likely to deal with a company that cares less about you if you are dealing with the insurance firm alone. The insurance adjuster works hard to limit the money they pay you. An insurance firm, apparently, will not look after your best interests.

What To Do After Receiving a Whiplash Injury After the Auto Accident
It is always wise to seek the attention of the NYC personal injury attorney after being involved in an auto accident. The NYC personal injury lawyers are familiar with problems arising from these injuries. Small injuries that look minor can be hazardous in the end. Therefore, seek the advice and representation of the NYC personal injury lawyers for proper compensation.

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