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Car Accident Lawyers Brooklyn

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Auto accident cases can be very complicated legal issues. All involved parties are typically part of the unraveling process, and each claimant will have legal representation in most cases looking to maximize the value of their client’s claim while attempting to minimize their contribution to causing the accident. And the cases can be even more complicated when the official accident report is not consistent with specific facts and client testimony. And of course, there will also be the application of NY state law when determining fault levels and the actions of each particular driver. Even a standard two-car accident can be complicate when there is no apparent cause and each driver was operating the vehicle within the rules of the road. When you add to this the fact that considerable case negotiation is performed before a case even goes to court, the entire scenario is such that anyone involved in an auto accident should never attempt handling their own claim if they intend to receive equitable compensation. Here are a few ways an Brooklyn car accident lawyer can help.

Accident Investigation

The typical novice injured accident victim is at a real disadvantage when an accident is being evaluated. Insurance companies always try to get ahead of the curve on an accident investigation, often wanting to influence the official reconstruction specialist in a manner that helps their insured client. Your accident attorney will understand when this is happening and can conduct a separate accident investigation that is beneficial to your claim while keeping the insurance companies honest. Accident investigations can also include evaluating vehicles for evidence of potential automotive product defects, including exploding air bags that can cause an accident but go unnoticed by accident reconstruction officers or are not included in claims of the insurance providers.

Insurer Negotiations

Insurance company claims agents are trained professional negotiators that are often attorneys themselves utilizing specific tactics in reducing or denying an accident claim. A novice injured claimant is typically no match in understanding how the law applies to the case. Claims adjusters regularly attempt to predict the level of fault for each driver in an accident, usually wanting to convince a claimant without legal counsel that their fault level is much higher than a jury would determine. NY law in this regard is modified comparative negligence at the 51% bar level, meaning that any driver who is over 50% at fault for causing an accident cannot receive any financial compensation for their own injuries. This is not officially assigned until a case goes to a full trial, and it often sets the stage for an insufficient low-ball settlement offer they hope the claimant will accept complete with a signature for full release of future medical coverage. Your Brooklyn car accident lawyer is a professional negotiator as well and can step in immediately to handle all discussions regarding an acceptable claim settlement with ongoing future medical coverage for long-term serious injuries.

Determining Equitable Damages

Some items of a car accident claim are relatively simple to calculate, and most drivers are aware of what those entail. Property damage and medical bill compensation are clearly in that group. Lost wages while rehabilitating from accident injuries are included as well, but there can be instances when medical problems can still be claimed in the case settlement. One issue will be reduced future earning power when the injured party must change employment to a lower paying position. In addition, injured victims can often attempt to return to work but later be determined unable, which can be problematic if the case is already settled. Another issue is general damages for future problems arising from the accident injuries, such as back injuries that can recur later in life. These are all components that should be addressed when settling the general pain-and-suffering damages of the claim, all of which should be settled for maximum value. This is not to mention the possibility of punitive damages when gross negligence can be proven in an NY state court of law in a full trial. This is a legal expertise that all injured victims should consider when retaining an experienced Brooklyn car accident lawyer to represent the case.

The attorney you choose makes a major difference in the outcome of your car accident claim. Always get an aggressive Brooklyn car accident attorney like the legal pros at Lawscape Law Offices with a solid track record of achieving results for their clients. You only have one opportunity to receive adequate compensation. Always make sure you make it count!

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