Brooklyn School Bus Accident lawyers

If you or a child you love has been injured in a school bus accident, the first step to take is to seek medical attention. Even if injuries seem minor or appear to be non-existent, seek medical attention. Some of the most dangerous injuries in a school bus accident are unseen, and they can become worse the longer a victim waits to find medical attention. The second step is to contact an experienced Brooklyn school bus accident attorney. New York law governs school bus accidents, and there are several regulations, statutes of limitations, and laws associated with bus accidents that occur when children or other drivers or pedestrians are injured.

The laws governing school bus accidents might work out in your favor, and an experienced attorney can help you understand what damages you’re entitled to following an accident involving a school bus. Don’t wait to call, because it’s easy to miss the statute of limitations and the compensation you might be owed.

School Bus Accidents

Millions of children ride the school bus every day across the country. In Brooklyn, thousands of kids get on buses to go to and from school every day. They put their trust in the driver of their bus to get them to and from school safely and without incident. When this doesn’t happen, children can be badly injured. Since many buses are not equipped with seat belts at this time, it’s easy for kids to suffer serious injuries in even the most minor fender bender a bus might experience. School bus accidents happen every day, and they’re often unavoidable. All bus accidents in which your child might be involved are caused by someone else, which leaves you able to seek legal damages.

– Bus drivers
– Bus companies
– Bus manufacturers
– Other motorists

If your child is involved in a bus accident, call an experienced attorney right away. It’s imperative to seek professional legal help to answer your questions, to help you with your fears, and to seek the compensation you deserve to care for the medical bills your children are incurring as they recover from their injuries.

School Bus Injuries

The problem with school bus accidents is anything can happen aboard a bus. Children can slip and fall if they’re walking to their seat and another driver hits the bus. They can suffer lacerations if the bus rolls and windows break. They can suffer internal injuries, and they can suffer injuries so catastrophic they don’t live. Some of the most common injuries in school bus accidents include:

– Concussions
– Broken bones
– Lacerations
– Fractures
– Head injuries
– Spinal cord injuries

Kids who aren’t buckled in can experience life-threatening injuries. You might be out of work for many weeks or months while your child recovers, and your family will see medical bills pile up as treatment, rehabilitation, and medication is administered in an attempt to save your child’s life and allow them to recover adequately. It’s a situation no family ever wants to find themselves involved in.

School Bus Accident Damages

School bus accidents typically cause medical bills for kids involved, and they can be devastating for some families. If you or your child were involved in a school bus accident, you might be entitled to compensation for the following reasons:

– Medical bills
– Long-term care
– Rehabilitation
– Psychological care
– Loss of wages
– Wrongful death
– Funeral expenses

Calling an experienced attorney provides you with the upper hand in a situation involving a bus accident. The moments following a school bus accident are horrifying for kids and their families, and it’s imperative to seek medical treatment. As you see recovery begin and you begin to make progress, it’s time to call an attorney. Don’t let too much time pass. The laws governing school bus accidents in New York are strict, and they require ample consideration. Let an attorney help you seek the damages you’re owed when someone else causes a bus accident that puts yours or your child’s life in danger. These accidents aren’t supposed to happen, and there are laws that protect victims when they do.