Brooklyn Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Bicycles are fun, enjoyable, and useful in Brooklyn. Whether you’re looking to take a leisurely ride through the park to enjoy some fresh air and healthy exercise or you use your bike to commute to and from work because it’s faster than dealing with traffic, thousands of Brooklyn residents board their bikes every day. Bike riders know they must be careful on their bikes. They watch for pedestrians, traffic, and other hazards on the road, and most are careful on their bikes.

Unfortunately, bicycle accidents occur regularly. Many are minor and result in little to no injury and a rider that’s able to get back on the seat and keep going. When a bike accident is severe, it’s a different story. Bikes struck by vehicles, injured because of improperly cared for streets and sidewalks, or injured because of a defect within the bike typically result in dangerous injuries. If you or someone you loved was involved in a bicycle accident caused by something or someone’s negligence beyond your control, an experienced Brooklyn bicycle attorney can help you handle what comes next.

Bicycle Accidents in Brooklyn

If you are involved in an accident on your bike that’s serious, you have some questions you want answered. The days following a bike accident are always confusing and stressful, and your injuries don’t make the situation any easier to deal with.

– Who will pay for my medical bills?
– Who will pay for my long-term care>
– Will my bike be fixed?
– Will my injuries heal?
– How will I pay my bills now that I’m out of work because of my injuries?

It’s not uncommon for many or all of these questions to run rampant through your mind following a bicycle accident. It happens all the time, and we have the answers you need. If the bike accident was someone else’s fault, our attorneys work to prove your case to place liability for the accident on the at-fault party. This allows you to seek damages that can alleviate the financial burden placed on you following the accident.

If your accident was caused by construction without proper warning, improperly maintained roads or bike paths, or a driver who was not abiding by the laws of the road, you have a case. Out attorneys advise you to call right away following your accident so we can view the scene, take photos, analyze accident reports, and discuss the accident with witnesses. Our job is to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that someone else’s negligence and duty of care was not met, and it resulted in your injuries and financial strain.

Bicycle Accident Damages

New York law requires anyone who is involved in a bike accident to pay damages to the victim if it’s proven they are at fault. Damages include:

– Medical bills
– Pain and suffering
– Loss of work and wages
– Wrongful death
– Funeral costs
– Long-term care
– Bike repairs

Your job is to heal and recover while the person at-fault is responsible for ensuring your financial life isn’t affected. Medical bills from even the most minor injuries accrue quickly, and anyone who faces catastrophic injuries will see their lives change forever. If you are catastrophically injured in an accident, medical bills are a way of life for you from this point forward, and accepting an immediate settlement from the at-fault party’s insurance company is a mistake.

An experienced bicycle accident attorney in Brooklyn helps you find the compensation you deserve. Your life has changed, and our attorneys can help by conducting a thorough investigation of the accident. It’s the job of your attorney to handle the legal aspects of your accident while you focus on recovery. There is a statute of limitations in New York concerning filing a lawsuit for bicycle accidents, which is why it’s wise to call an attorney right away. Waiting too long can cause you to lose out on filing a suit and seeking compensation for the damages, medical bills, and the future of your finances. If it’s not your fault, call an experienced attorney to help you recover from this accident.