Bronx Car Accidents lawyers

Traffic in the Bronx might not be as bad as it is in Manhattan, but it’s not exactly light. Motor vehicle accidents occur regularly in the Bronx, and many car accidents are more serious than just a simple fender bender. When you or a loved one is injured in a car accident, a lot goes into what happens next. There is a police report, insurance agencies are called, and a settlement is offered. If you are offered a settlement by the at-fault driver’s insurance company, you want to consider consulting with a Bronx car accident attorney to make sure you’re getting everything you need to handle your injuries.

What Damages am I Entitled to Following a Bronx Car Accident?

Financial compensation is necessary for many accident victims in the Bronx. When an accident causes serious injury, victims often spend many months recovering. Catastrophic injuries are even more serious as they result in a life-long medical battle for good health. If you are injured to the extent you’ve begun to rack up medical bills as well as lost wages and other financial ramifications resulting from your accident, now is the time to call an attorney. The damages you’re entitled to include:

– Physical therapy
– Medical expenses
– Lost wages
– Property damage
– Property loss
– Pain and suffering
– Wrongful death

Car accident victims aren’t always injured so severely that this is a problem, but many are. Even those with injuries that aren’t life threatening might spend ample time working on recovery from less serious injuries. The medical bills add up. Victims might not be able to work for a period of time, and some are injured so severely they’re unable to work forever. The financial ramifications of a car accident are often devastating to victims.

How Does an Attorney Help?

Bronx car accident attorneys work to create a case proving another driver or company was at fault for your accident. Our attorneys gather witness statements, police reports, photos of the accident, and discuss the case with the opposing council to determine what evidence is admissible, what kind of settlement offer the other party might be interested in offering, and we help you get the most compensation possible for your case.

With our experience, it’s easy for us to handle cases like yours. Victims know they’re entitled to some compensation, but they’re not always sure what that means, and they don’t always have a familiarity with the law. There is a three-year statute of limitations in New York that allows victims to file a claim. Once that three-year mark is up, accident victims are no longer able to file a complaint against the at-fault driver of the other car.

Accident Injuries

Car accidents in the Bronx result in a myriad of potential injuries. There is no way to know what might happen to a victim in a car accident until a medical doctor looks them over and diagnosis their health issues. However, there are some common injuries associated with many accidents.

– Broken bones
– Neck injuries
– Concussions
– Fractures
– Lacerations
– Spinal cord injuries
– Brain injuries
– Internal bleeding

There’s no guarantee an injury like this might affect you following an accident, but anything can happen. Those who are victims of car accidents when someone else is negligent should call an attorney as soon as possible. There are numerous reasons someone might cause an accident that injures you or a loved one.

– Unlicensed drivers
– Drivers under the influence
– Failure to adhere to speed limits
– Failure to stop for lights or signs
– Distracted driving
– Faulty vehicle

If someone else is to blame for the accident that caused you so much pain and suffering, let an experienced attorney help you get the compensation you deserve. Your medical bills and financial future shouldn’t be something you have to worry about when someone else is at fault for your accident. By proving your case, you can rest easy at night knowing your medical bills and your lost wages are covered by the insurance company of the at fault driver.