Bronx Dog Bites Lawyers

Most people know that they shouldn’t approach a dog that they don’t know as the dog could bite or jump on someone. This is why most dog owners will keep their pets inside the house or in a fence so that visitors don’t have a risk of being injured. If there isn’t a fence outside, then most dog owners will keep the dog on a chain or long leash outside that is secured in the ground. It’s also important to have a sign that warns others of a dog, especially if the dog is large in size. However, there are some people who don’t take these issues into consideration and fail to provide the proper care for the dog and anyone who comes to the home. At times, a dog might bite someone else, especially if the dog is taunted or if the dog has not been trained not to bite.

There are some injuries that are minor but that the victim can still pursue compensation for if the victim didn’t do anything to cause the dog to bite. These include scratches and small punctures. Some of these minor injuries result from dogs playing with the person who visits the home and the person not expecting that the dog will become as rough s it does while playing around. This is sometimes considered an accidental situation, so it’s important to let the attorney that you speak with know that there was likely no intention of the dog causing an injury because you were already in the home and aware of the animal.

You will also see that there are some dog bites that are more severe. These occur when owners simply don’t take the time to train a dog in the proper manner of how to greet visitors on the property. The dog will automatically go into a defense mode and clamp down on anyone who approaches the dog’s area. If the dog is inside and capable of reaching the person who comes to the home, then this is usually when the dog will bite. At other times, a dog might clamp down on the hand, arm or even the leg if someone tries to pet the dog over a fence or while the dog is on a leash. This could be considered negligence on the part of the owner of the animal as a sign should be placed outside. However, if the dog is in a secured area, then it could be the fault of the person who is bit as the person taunted the dog and caused an amount of fear in the dog to provoke the biting incident.

If the injury is severe, there are often scars left behind. These are reminders of the injuries that occur with dogs. They are a component of the pain and suffering that an attorney can try to get in a settlement that is filed against the dog owner. Medical care is also included in the compensation. Some people experience emotional abuse as a result of the injury. This would also be included in the pain and suffering as many victims find that they can’t be around dogs in the future without fearing that they will be injured.

Rabies, head injuries and broken bones are significant injuries that are caused by dogs. If the victim contracts rabies or if there is a fear of rabies because the dog isn’t vaccinated, then the owner can be held responsible. The victim would need to have a series of vaccinations, and the owner of the dog will likely have to turn the dog over to animal control. Severe dog injuries often result in the dog being removed from the home and possibly put down if the animal is seen as a high risk to others.