Which Waist Trainer is Right for you?

Waist trainers are the perfect accessories for slimming down. If you are overweight, it is a good idea to supplement waist trainers with diet and exercises; however, if you are already in shape, but looking for more curves, waist trainers are all you need.

If you’ve never seen a corset in person, chances are, you have seen them in movies, especially those set in the past. Waist trainers are a type of corset. A corset is meant to give instant, temporary results; a waist trainer is a type of corset that gives permanent results.

You will find everything you need to know about waist trainers in the article below.

Do Waist Trainers Really Work

Yes! Waist trainers really do work; however, results vary from person to person. Some people will see results in less than a week; some people will take months before they see results.

Think of the process like the African women who extend their neck. A waist trainer works like that. It compresses the abdomen, permanently changing the shape of your body and providing more curves.

Using a waist trainer, especially if you are already fit, is a great way to give yourself more curves. Even if you aren’t in shape, using a waist trainer with exercise is a great way to speed up your results.

What Exactly can a Waist Trainer do for me?


  • Slims the waist
  • Leads to weight loss
  • You will wear smaller pants

These are only a few of the benefits of waist trainers.

A waist trainer slims the waist by changing the shape of your body. Using a waist trainer everyday can lead to permanent change in your curves.

While waist trainers don’t directly make you lose weight, they can lead to secondary weight loss. When you begin to see results with a waist trainer, you may want to experiment with other techniques, like diet and exercise, to further change your body image.

If you are looking to size down your wardrobe, a waist trainer can help you here as well. In fact, this is the primary reason for using waist trainers. You will see results, and you will lower your jean size as a result of using them.

However, waist trainers will not permanently get rid of body fat. In fact, it alone doesn’t get rid of any body fat: it merely changes the shape of your body.

Types of Waist Trainers

There are latex waist trainers, and fabric cinchers. There are even custom made corsets that you can have made to match your body. So which one of these corsets are right for you? The truth is: it’ll take some experimentation. A good idea is to purchase several waist trainers and try them all out. Eventually, after trial and error, you will find a waist trainer that works best for you.


Whether you have exhausted your options when it comes to weight loss, or are looking to add something new to your routines, a waist trainer could be what you are looking for. They can be worn at work, while exercising, or while sleeping. In order to see best results, it is a good idea to wear the waist trainer as much as possible.

How startups can use reverse mergers to go public?

For new startups that are looking to go public, the most common route to achieve a public listing is through an initial public offering. But IPOs, as they are known for short, come with some extremely high costs and tough-to-mitigate risks. The costs of going through with an IPO may in fact be so great that doing so ceases to make sense for companies that are operating on a more constrained budget. And this is often the condition of many new startups. 

But the good news is that there is an alternative to IPOs that often produces better results, for only the tiniest fraction of the cost, and with little to no real risk. Known as a reverse merger, this form of taking a private company public has been gaining in popularity over the past few decades. While reverse mergers still have a bit of a tarnished reputation as a result of some shady operators in decades past who abused this useful method of gaining a public listing, the SEC has addressed many of the shortcomings. Today, reverse mergers are a well-established and recognized legitimate means of taking companies public. And they can often make far more sense when the company seeking a public listing is a new startup. 

Reverse mergers versus IPOs when you need hard money

While almost everyone who is remotely familiar with the world of business will immediately recognize the term initial public offering, fewer people are well versed on what exactly is meant by reverse mergers. This arcane-sounding term has actually been around since at least the 1950s. And despite the poor reputation surrounding the concept, many of the most famous names in business have passed through at least part of their lifecycle by means of reverse merging with larger companies. 

One of the most famous examples, which is also a great way to illustrate how these restructurings operate, is the case of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway. Starting in the 1950s, Warren Buffet formed his famous investing partnership. This company was structured as a limited partnership, comprised by Buffet himself and a number of doctors, lawyers and other professionals from around the Omaha area who had placed their money and trust in Buffet’s then-unproven hands. But as the 1960s dragged on, it became clear to Buffet that, for a variety of reasons, he would need the latitude offered by controlling a public company in order to carry out many of his trading strategies. 

Buffet eyed an old textile manufacturer called Berkshire Hathaway, which had been in continuous operation since 1838. He originally bought the company because he viewed it as a good cigar butt stock. That is, he was able to buy it for far less than its book value. Buffet, however, also wanted the tax write-offs that came with the purchase of the company due to its previous years of operating losses. It turns out that tax write-offs can be one of the most attractive features of a reverse merger, potentially saving the acquiring company hundreds of millions of dollars in tax liabilities for years to come. 

Before long, it became clear that Berkshire Hathaway’s business was in terminal decline. By 1970, the core business of Berkshire, textile manufacturing, had been completely shuttered. But the Berkshire Hathaway name continues to be the one under which Buffet’s multinational juggernaut trades. While the core business of Berkshire was of little importance to Buffet, he was able to use the existing corporate shell of the firm to get tax write-offs and, later, to use as a vehicle to begin acquiring some of the most profitable insurance companies in the United States. In the process, he took his private limited partnership and turned it into a completely legitimate publicly traded company. This is a typical example of some of the benefits that can accrue to a company that chooses to go public through a reverse merger. 

The bottom line

But why, besides potential tax write-offs, shouldn’t a company just go through with an IPO? One of the biggest problems that small startups that are considering going through with an IPO face is the sheer cost and risk of doing so. In the United States, IPOs must be underwritten by major investment banks. These banks charge large fees for this service. And these fees are rarely available on a purely contingency basis. This means that the company attempting the IPO will need to pay for a large portion of those fees out of its cash flow or reserves. 

Another huge source of costs with IPOs is the byzantine complexity of the legal issues surrounding such deals. A typical IPO is one of the most complex legal maneuvers in business. That’s why it normally takes between six months and a year for a company to prepare for its initial public offering. Massive due diligence is needed as well as deciding on exactly how the deal will be structured. IPOs usually involve not just the raising of capital but the paying off of debt, issuance of new senior and junior bonds as well as issues of how equity owners, debt holders and other principals will be compensated. This can involve the issuance of stock options, warrants, special debt instruments and a dizzying array of other financial and legal structures that can take thousands of man-hours to hammer out. All told, a typical IPO has a base cost in the millions to tens of millions of dollars. And many small startups simply don’t have the cash reserves to finance such activity. 

Perhaps worst of all, after all that preparatory work has been done, the fate of the IPO will hinge on the whims of the market in the weeks around which it is supposed to take place. Wall Street history is littered with the husk of dead IPO deals, where companies paid out millions and millions of dollars preparing for them, that died in the crib and were never revived again. 

A reverse merger, on the other hand, can be reviewed by a single lawyer, completed in less than a month and often runs at a total cost of less than $200,000. But aside from the dramatic reduction in up-front costs, a reverse merger has the potential to raise even more money than an IPO while allowing ownership of the acquiring company to retain full control. 

That’s because when the company is taken public, if everything is executed according to plan, the valuation of the company may increase by hundreds of percentage points by simple virtue of the company becoming publicly listed. Although it can take longer, more capital can potentially be raised through a reverse merger than an IPO. And the startup’s entrepreneurs can retain full control of the firm.

Benefits of hiring a criminal lawyer to represent you

Regardless of the charges in your case, when you are working with the local nyc criminal lawyer, you stand the best chance of getting a more favorable outcome. Without the lawyer in tour corner, the prosecution will literally crush your hopes and the judge will side with them by handing down a harsh sentence. Your criminal lawyer will fight to make certain you get the best possible result and give you the chance to put this incident behind you.

These are a few of the ways the criminal lawyer will help get you the result you’re hoping for.

Focusing on Your Criminal Case

When you are in the middle of a criminal case and you are stressing over where the money is going to come from to pay your lawyer and other bills, you will never be in the position to focus on building your defense. Stress can have a huge negative impact on your focus, so in an effort to get you to the point you need with your case, you need to understand one thing about working with the criminal lawyer. The criminal lawyer is willing to work out a payment plan or accept other forms of compensation in an effort to get this case underway. Whether holding the deeds to a car or home, you can work out these financial details with your attorney before moving forward.

Getting to the Finish Line Faster

One of the things that your criminal lawyer is going to offer you is insight on to the end of this case. During the beginning of your criminal case, tempers are high, both parties want to make the other suffer, and no one is willing to compromise because they want to win. Each time you delay the case with another argument or denial of a request, the case drags on longer. Your attorney is going to keep you focused on the finish line and explain to you that eventually, you will be able to start new, so why not just allow a few concessions now for the sake of that peace of mind that comes with moving on.

Making Small Sacrifices for the Good of the Case

The prosecution may be trying to take everything from you in the criminal proceedings, and you have reached a point where you are not going to give in anymore. Your criminal lawyer has the answer, and it really can help speed things along. The prosecution may not want those things, it is more of a way to aggravate and annoy you instead. Your criminal lawyer will identify certain things you’re not passionate about, and give the other side more in that area in the hopes that they loosen up on the things you really want. If they feel like they won more than they were asking for, the prosecution tends to resist less moving forward.

Handling Difficult Negotiations with Objectivity

The prosecution knows that when they are not getting what they want in the criminal case, they can rub you the wrong way in an instant to get you off your game. When you are aggravated, you make mistakes and say or do something that will hurt your case moving forward. As emotions start running high in your criminal case, you want a criminal lawyer that has zero emotional attachment to the case. By taking themselves out of the equation emotionally, they are then in the best position to handle contentious issues with objectivity.

With the criminal lawyer fighting on your behalf, they will draw upon decades of courtroom experience from their law firm to help position your case in a manner that allows the judge to hand down a less harsh sentence.

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Benefits of hiring a personal injury law firm to help you after an injury

Hiring a personal injury law firm to help you after an injury is one of the most important things you can do to improve your financial situation. You may think that receiving money as a result of an insurance claim is the ultimate answer to obtaining monetary compensation. The problem with this type of erroneous thinking is that an insurance agency is not following regulations regarding your legal right to file a lawsuit. When you make an appointment with a personal injury lawyer, you have a chance to win a settlement enabling you to receive recompense extending beyond the realm of the negligent party’s insurance policy. Here are four benefits you receive when you work with a personal injury law firm:

1. You do not need to pay any upfront retainer fees.

A personal injury lawyer belongs to a distinct class of attorneys who do not charge retainer fees. Instead of paying a retainer fee, you pay the lawyer’s fees on a contingency basis, which means that you do not pay any money unless you win your case. Your initial appointment is free. During a private consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer, you learn whether the lawyer thinks you have a legitimate case. If the attorney decides to accept you as a client, you sign a contract agreeing to pay the lawyer a specified percentage of your winnings.

Note that the specified percentage only applies if you win your case. It does not matter if the case is won in front of a jury or via a private agreement between your lawyer and the opposing party’s attorney. Consequently, hiring a personal injury law firm after an injury gives you a chance to win a substantial settlement regardless of the percentage owed to the attorney who provides you with legal representation.

2. You have a unique opportunity to win a monetary settlement.

If you are suffering from a serious injury, you may have lost your job. You may not have any extra money in your checking account. You may not even have a savings account. Your injury may prevent you from working at any job. Although money can never repay you for your injuries, a monetary award gives you the financial security you need for buying groceries, making timely mortgage payments, paying your outstanding medical bills and buying prescribed medicines.

3. A personal injury lawyer knows how to interpret the law.

Filing a lawsuit because you are the victim of negligence involves understanding complex laws that exist for your benefit. The law offers specific regulations regarding serious personal injuries. Whether your injury is caused by a negligent driver, a defective product or medical malpractice, your personal injury lawyer understands complex legal regulations that may benefit your future. As a client, a reliable personal injury lawyer tries to help you win a substantial amount of money based on a number of intricate legal applications.

4. A personal injury attorney offers hope in a hopeless situation.

After an injury, a feeling of hopelessness inevitably settles into the mind. However, it only takes one visit at the right personal injury law firm to change a hopeless mindset into a hopeful outlook. Once a personal injury lawyer agrees to represent you, your entire outlook begins to change. Your former negative attitude becomes positive because someone has agreed to fight for your legal rights before a judge and a jury. Whether you win your case in front of a jury or via an out-of-court settlement, your peace of mind is the ultimate reason that necessitates an immediate phone call to a personal injury law firm.

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

If someone’s negligent or malicious behavior caused you to experience a personal injury, you could be entitled to compensation to cover the losses. Medical bills and other fees related to a personal injury can keep adding up until they create a mountain of debt that is almost impossible to escape.

Filing a personal injury claim is how you fund your medical treatment and get the justice you deserve. If you want to move forward without fear, enlisting the help of a personal injury attorney is a critical part of the process that will do wonders for your results. From the start of your case to the end, your lawyer will guide and support you.

Avoid Common Pitfalls

Talking about their case, accepting an unfair settlement and not collecting enough evidence are common mistakes people make when trying to handle a personal injury case alone. You can research and learn about the process if you put in a lot of effort, but you won’t get the outcome you want unless you seek professional help. Your lawyer will prevent you from making common mistakes so that you won’t accidentally hurt your case.

Improve Your Odds of Reaching a Fair Settlement

The insurance companies have their own interests in mind when you file a claim or take your case to court. The agent’s job is to minimize your payout and keep as much money as possible in the process, and they know that people who don’t have legal representation are much more likely to accept an unfair settlement.

The insurance companies must work with your lawyer when seeking a settlement if you hire one, and your car accident lawyer will help you decide what path you should take. The insurance companies are much more likely to give you a fair offer when they know you have a competent legal professional standing in your corner.

Get the Best Possible Chance of Winning at Trial

In some situations, having a lawyer on your side won’t be enough to convince the insurance companies to do the right thing. You will then need to take your fight in front of a judge or jury at trial. Although your lawyer can never make any promises about how your case will end, your personal injury lawyer will prepare your case and give you the best possible odds of reaching your desired outcome. Going through the harsh and unforgiving legal process is often a stressful experience, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Getting Started

Contact a personal injury lawyer the second you face a personal injury case if you don’t want to take risks along the way. You will know you have made the smart move when you get solid advice and see the plan your lawyer creates. Those who don’t take reasonable steps to protect others need to know the courts will hold them accountable for such actions. If you are ready to move forward and seek the compensation to which you are entitled, call a personal injury lawyer right away to get started.