What is VOIP

VoIP is an acronym some people are probably unfamiliar with, but they have most likely heard of the concept. Voice over Internet Protocol, of VoIP, is simply a different way to make phone calls. A computer and high-speed internet connection is used to make calls, or sometimes a Read More

What is VOIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (sometimes called "internet telephony") allows users to make phone calls over the internet. This has many advantages over traditional phone plans. This technology's popularity has soared recently, but many people still don't understand .. Read More

Can Pre-Existing Conditions Be Covered After Being Involved In A Car Accident?

This article is by Marc Albert, a Long Island personal injury lawyer. Injuries are a complex subject when it comes to accidents. Understanding what’s covered, what’s not, and how claims and insurance work helps you learn your next move. It’s not always e.. Read More

The Insurance Company Is Arguing About My Injuries. What Do I Do?

This guest blog post is from NYC DUI attorney Aaron Wallenstein. If you've been injured in a car accident in which the other driver was found responsible, you will likely need to go through their insurance company to obtain the compensation you.. Read More

What Information Do I Need After A Car Accident?

There is a lot that will happen in the moments immediately following a car accident. In fact, it can seem rather overwhelming, but knowing what information you need ahead of time will help you protect your rights from the outset. Naturally, the most important thing is to take care of yourself and.. Read More

What if the accident happened on the job?

If you were injured in a motor vehicle collision during the course and scope of your employment, it’s likely that you’re eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. We might see this in the context of somebody who is delivering parts for an auto parts store or a nurse who travels to the homes of.. Read More

Should I Accept An Insurance Settlement?

It was a straightforward accident, and it was all the other driver’s fault: The driver of that other car wasn’t looking when he made that left-hand turn, so he smashed right into you. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, but your vehicle sustained significant damage. Should you accept that offer from th.. Read More

Is there anyone other than the drivers and passengers involved in a motor vehicle collision that I could sue for my damages?

When you're in a car accident, the person who hits you is normally at fault. While you'll have to prove that with evidence, the insurance company can easily see who is liable for the damages and injuries you've sustained. There are times when the liability can be a bit unclear. This can happen in.. Read More

I have been asked to release my medical records to the other driver’s insurance adjuster. Should I do this?

Car accidents are stressful for all involved. There is nothing you can do to change this, but you can make sure you have all the facts before you get to the point where calling an attorney is necessary. The first is to call the police. When an accident occurs, the best thing you can do is call th.. Read More

How long can I expect until my case is complete?

There’s a lot to handle when a car accident case occurs. The police report and the insurance issues are just the beginning. There could be injuries, and there might be other issues you need to deal with, and a personal injury case might take much longer than you anticipate. If you choose to file .. Read More

How Do I Replace Lost Wages?

If you are involved in a serious car accident, you probably have more to worry about than finding a new car or even paying your medical bills. Serious car accidents typically result in serious injuries, and injuries result in expensive medical bills. Even with insurance for your health, you proba.. Read More

Can I get reimbursed for the time that I’ve had to take time off work because of my car wreck injuries?

It happens if you’re injured, unable to return to work, and you can’t get paid as a result of your injuries? Can you find a way to be reimbursed for all the money you’re losing? The person who hit you should have to pay you for causing your entire financial life to fall apart, but there aren’t al.. Read More

How To Handle An Insurance Settlement Offer

There are many times a person may get the settlement they want from their insurance company. It could happen without going to court and require no negotiating. These are often very simple cases with low settlement amounts. The larger and more complicated the insurance claim, the more chance of ne.. Read More

Do I need uninsured and underinsured (UIM/UM) coverage?

If you're injured in a motor vehicle collision as a result of the carelessness and negligence of somebody else, you'll expect that his or her insurance company will make you whole again. That's not going to happen if the other driver doesn't have insurance. Take a look around you when you're on t.. Read More