Who pays my medical bills?

Have you ever wondered who would pay for your medical treatment in the event of a misfortune such as an accident? You may seek an injury settlement or wait for a court verdict, but that may not necessarily help you settle your medical bills. Whoever pays for your medical bills depends on the kind.. Read More

Is there a statute of limitations for personal injury cases?

No matter what the details of a personal injury incident may be, a clock starts ticking down immediately after the incident happens. When time is up, there won't be any way for you to get any kind of compensation or justice for your injury. If you want to make sure that you actually have a chance.. Read More

Are there alternatives to going to court?

Going to court can be a difficult process. First and foremost, it is time consuming - just getting on the docket can take longer than you'd hope, and you might have to miss important events in your life to do so. Even if you can get to court, you'll end up paying more of the privilege than you mi.. Read More

How is virtual reality technology impacting marketing

Recent changes in technology have transformed retail shopping into an experience spanning stores, websites and mobile devices. Brands once operating only brick-and-mortar locations have gone online, and online retailers are establishing physical storefronts. Shoppers browse in stores and buy onli.. Read More

Red Light Attorneys

The red light camera has been a problem for many motorists in Chicago because it has become very common for one to get a ticket. The case is treated differently if you get a ticket from a red light camera. This is because it is hard for the state to prove the identity of the driver at the time. T.. Read More