When a person is injured or killed as a result of a bicycle accident, an attorney will try and determine exactly happened. This could involve getting pictures from the scene of the accident. Interviewing witnesses as well as calling upon the knowledge of a bicycle expert. These are professionals who have been employed by some of the largest and most successful bicycle brands around the world. They could be engineers who have experience with designing and constructing bicycles as well as bicycle trails, bicycle lanes and more. Most are also dedicated bicyclists who may use their bicycle for traveling to and from work as well as in competitive races and more.

There are many different types of bicycles ridden in various situations. People have been known to rides a bicycle for everything from the commute to work, ride around their neighborhood, competitive racing and more. When there is any type of accident involving a bicycle, it will have to be investigated. This will involve gathering information in an urban setting as well as mountain areas and more.

Elements Of A Bicycle Accident

*Road Conditions: The condition of the surface the bicyclist was riding at the time and how it influenced the accident.

*Mechanical issues: Influence of unsafe bicycle parts as well as negligent repair or maintenance.

*Events: What happened to cause the bicycle accident

*Additional Factors: This could be road obstructions, failure of traffic control signals, weather and more.

The investigation of a bicycle accident will start with the reconstruction of events. This is done to try and identify how a rider was injured as well as how the accident happened. Bicycle experts will be able to identify if there was any type of defect in the bicycle that was used. They will examine its components as well as the assembly and maintenance to determine if that influenced the accident. The environment where the bicycle accident took place will be analyzed. This could be an urban street, country path or rural road and more. An expert will try and determine if anything located in the environment could have influenced the accident. This includes potholes, traffic signals, obstructions, road construction and more.

Bicycle Design
The design and make of the bike will be important. If it was a BMX bicycle, mountain bike, recumbent bike, single gear bike or another type, it will be taken into consideration. It is possible for the design of a bicycle to cause key components to fail. It is possible for them to stop working and cause a dangerous situation. Bicycle experts will know how to properly analyze bicycle component as well as frame failures. They will be able to identify issues with how the bicycle was designed, manufactured as well as assembled. A materials engineer can examine the carbon fiber as well as other metals and alloys of a bicycle to determine if they played a role in an accident. There are also bicycle experts who can provide testimony concerning the repair and service of a bicycle. Many of them have a background with determining the specifications associated with mass-market bicycles. They will be able to speak about the different bicycle manufacturing quality assurance evaluations involved with production and more.

Actions Of Bicyclist
It is the law on a roadway that bicyclists are given the same rights and responsibilities as people driving a vehicle. A bicyclist is smaller and goes much slower than a vehicle. In an accident, a bicycle expert will be asked to carefully examine the evidence and determine if a bicyclist was in compliance with the rules of the road. Both sides will want to know if the bicycle rider was following the established practices for bicycle safety. They will often ask these experts to provide insight concerning how a bicycle was being handled at the time of an accident as well as the experience level of the rider.

Expert Testimony
During legal actions involving a bicycle accident, it is very likely a bicycle expert will be called to testify. Attorneys for either side could intentionally seek out an expert who is experienced with all areas of riding a bicycle. Bicycle expert testimony is often able to explain what happened during an accident so a person with no background in bicycles can easily understand what occurred.

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