When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, this can be an extremely stressful time. Depending on your injuries, you may spend years or even a lifetime in therapy or with a disability. Not only do you suffer from the accident, but your family suffers, as well. Children may lose time with a parent or a spouse may lose intimacy and comfort. Many people are affected by the accident. More than one person may be responsible and can be held accountable for partially causing the accident.

Vehicle manufacturer

The manufacturer of either vehicle may be found liable for causing the accident. If they did not properly install a part on the vehicle or perform work on the vehicle to the standards of safety the state requires, this could have caused the accident. An investigation will show whether or not this is the case.


If a mechanic had recently worked on either of the vehicles, there is a chance he can be held accountable. For instance, if he installed new brakes and didn’t install them properly, one of the drivers may not have been able to stop in time and collided with the other vehicle.

Property owner

There is a possibility the owner of the property that the accident occurred on could be responsible for the accident. If there is damage to the property that wasn’t repaired, this could have caused one of the vehicles to hit the other.

There could also be a case against road construction companies if the accident occurred on a highway or roadway. If the workers had performed to the utmost standards, the accident could have possibly been avoided.

Company vehicle

If the person who caused the accident was an employee of a company and driving a company vehicle, the company can be liable for the accident. They are supposed to ensure that their drivers are trained properly, that the vehicle is in top shape and that the driver isn’t driving under duress or influence. If an investigation proves this is the case, the company has the responsibility of paying compensation to the injured parties.

Multi-vehicle accidents

If there is a pile-up of multiple vehicles, many people can be responsible for different aspects of the accident. Each driver can share a portion, or one driver may be responsible for it all. As with other accidents, the same people are investigated to find out if there were underlying causes of the accident.

Determining fault

In order to determine fault, there must be a thorough investigation. An experienced attorney will often hire expert witnesses to reconstruct the accident to find out exactly what the cause was.

Evidence is also crucial in determining whose fault the accident was. This includes photographs, mechanical reports, medical reports and police reports. If there were any witnesses, their version of what happened will be taken into account.

Types of compensation

There are many different types of compensation that a victim may be eligible for in an accident. Wage loss during the time of the accident and recovery time is one type of compensation. If the victim has a long-term injury or becomes disabled, there is also loss of future wages.

Pain and suffering and emotional distress are two more types of compensation that may be applicable. The longer the pain and suffering, the more compensation will be due. If the victim should need mental therapy from the accident, this will be paid in compensation.

Any medical expenses related to the accident are acceptable for compensation. The victim didn’t cause the accident and shouldn’t be responsible for their medical expenses. This includes future expenses that may occur.

A spouse is often able to claim compensation for loss of consortium, or loss of comfort and care from their spouse. This is usually when a spouse becomes disabled due to the accident or spends many years recovering.


If you have been involved in an accident, it is important to obtain the service of an experienced attorney. He will know the laws for your state and will perform a thorough investigation to collect compensation from all parties responsible.

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